DVD Storage: Binder vs Gatefold

Are you thinking of getting rid of your DVDs and reclaiming your shelf space? Don’t get rid of them – store them differently! We have two products that will pare your collection way down, allowing you to keep your collection and enjoy it when you’re in the mood.

DVD Binder with Twenty Pages

These sturdy DVD binders are a safe way to consolidate your collection and keep the DVDs in a safe environment. The binder comes with twenty Safety-Sleeve protection pages that have two pockets. The pocket that holds the DVD has double sided Safety-sleeve material inside and archival polypropylene outside. The second pocket holds the graphics.  The binder is black scarred vinyl with three metal rings.


DVD Gatefold Sleeve

Made from 8 gauge, frosted vinyl. This semi-rigid sleeve holds the cover art, booklet, and DVD in a compact gatefold package. The DVD stores in a clear archival polypropylene pocket that has a Tyvek back and a window flap in front. Maximize your storage space! Stay organized by storing your newly packaged DVDs in our XPULP35 plastic corrugated boxes.