SAFE Photo Binder Pages

Many people remember pulling out the old family photo albums and scrapbooks, only to find that photos were discolored, stuck to the pages and each other, and documents are yellowed and crumbling. Some deterioration to photos and paper is inevitable over time. Heat and moisture are the worst culprits for causing damage to them, however. Enough can not be said about keeping your family photos and papers in an atmosphere that is free of excess moisture and extremes in temperatures. Unfortunately very often the items we should be taking care of are relegated to basements, attics, and garages – which are the exact opposite of where they should be stored.

Laura Fuhrman

That said, other than the atmosphere, the types of storage boxes, photo pages, photo albums are the next most significant items that are the key to successfully keeping everything in usable condition for generations to come. We are proud to say that our three-ring binder pages have been PAT tested by an independent lab and certified as safe for the long-term storage of photographs. They are made from polypropylene which is a material that does not interact with the items being stored in them. Polypropylene is a crystal-clear material with a glossy sheen which enhances the look of your images. Our photo binder pages come in eight photo sizes and fit in standard 3-ring binders.

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