LP Divider Cards to Organize Your Collection

Organizing your LP records in a method that works for you is an essential part of being able to enjoy your collection. Our record divider cards can help you with that. The question is which style to choose? Here’s a quick breakdown of the different types we offer and why you might choose one style over the other. I would say “Pros and Cons” but what works for you personally may not be what works for the next person. In the listing below I will highlight what differentiates them from each other. Here are the common attributes of our dividers cards (except DLPPC): they come blank in white or black polystyrene, they can optionally be purchased printed with the alphabet or printed with music genres.

  • DLPC – By far the least expensive. Made from corrugated cardboard and fit in our LP storage boxes with the lid on. Very strong – can take a beating if there is a lot of handling going on. Because they are 1/16” thick, they will cut down on the number of LP’s your box can hold.

LP divider card dlpc

  • DLPP30 (.030” thick) & DLPP40 (.040” thick) are made from semi-rigid polystyrene material. They have write-on tabs or can be personalized with our ½” vinyl press-on stickers. These dividers aren’t rigid enough to pull large quantities of LPs forward in your boxes or shelf. They are pretty much indestructible.

LP divider card dlpp30

  • DLPP50 – These are the “top of the line” LP dividers. The .050” thick polystyrene material makes them strong enough to use as leverage to pull records forward. They are extra-long (13-5/8” vs. 13-1/8”) which means they can be used in record bins or shelves. The extra length is in the tab which means the titles are easy to see! They will not, however, fit in our record boxes with the lid on.

LP divider card dlpp50

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