4 Collecting Tips for just about anything

Words to collect by

We all collect something. Some of us more than others but most of us have a collection of something we are proud of. Whether or not we purchased it because it was a good investment, or perhaps it was something we loved for one reason or another. Either way, collecting is fun, rewarding, and can sometimes have positive financial outcomes.

This article on Forbes by  is a really good look at what we need to be aware of when we are thinking of adding something to our collection. Very good advice for sure. Not to mention, how amazing are the items up for auction? All the big names in Photography.

Photo Expert Reveals 4 Collecting Tips And Why David Rockefeller’s Money Clip Sold For $75K

The Three D’s. Some of the best bargains of choice material become available as a result of others’ Debt, Divorce, and Death. Zimet added another good buying opportunity, “Upgrade,” when a collector must sell one or more pieces to buy a better one.

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