Meanwhile in Pulaski County Kentucky…

a Compact Cassette Hero is about to make his mark on the world.

You’ve probably never heard of John Platt but then again why would you? John lives in Kentucky and is on the precipice of getting into the Guinness Book of World Records. Yes, that’s still a thing, and yes it does have something to do with the beer. Anyway, John is a collector of sorts and he has amassed a collection of Compact Cassette Tapes that could soon make it into the record books. That’s a whole lotta tapes! You can read more about him and his collection on the Commonwealth Journal in good ole’ Somerset Kentucky.

Pulaski collector of cassette tapes closing in on Guinness world record

Great accomplishments often require great sacrifice. The bittersweet result is that even our triumphs can carry mixed emotions. Take John Platt, for example. The southern Pulaski County resident stands on the precipice of entering Guinness World Records, one of the most renowned hallmarks of achievements in the modern age.

He’s going to need a whole lot of archival storage boxes for that collection. I can’t imagine he has wall space for THAT many tapes. I wonder how many tape players he has? Er..Boom Boxes I mean.

Audio Cassette Storage Box- Archival

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