Piracy sure has changed

and I don't mean 'Arrrg'

As a kid all I could think about whenever a VHS movie started was “I wonder if anyone ever had to pay the $250,000 fine?” if you get caught pirating VHS tapes. That warning was supposed to stop people from copying them and I often wondered if it worked.

This guy named Woody Wise however was apparently a pioneer, way ahead of his time. What a crazy story and worth a read if you are a film buff. Read more here…

How 1960s Film Pirates Sold Movies Before the FBI Came Knocking

It was a Friday evening in 1975, and Woody Wise was driving from Los Angeles to Palm Springs, with his two kids in the car. He had picked them up from school in a rush, but they weren’t going on vacation. They were hiding out from the FBI.

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