Would you bid $52,000 for these trading cards?

Trading card history at its finest

Not sure who would buy these for that price, thats a lot of money for a trading card set!

Unopened Horrors of War trading cards from 1938

Recently at Morphy Auctions a lot of twelve unopened packs of 1938 ‘Horrors of War’ trading cards. Such a rare find I’m wondering if they will open the packs of leave them the way they are.

One card depicts the bombing of an American School.

“Many of the images are shocking, even today,” notes Cardboard Connection. “Nothing is held back. Scenes of torture, bloody battlefields and children under attack are all shown in the set.”

Originally thought to fetch $20k to 40k, they ended up selling for $52,800 dollars at auction. An amazing and historical find for sure, lets just hope they keep them safely stored for future generations.

Read more about them on Forbes and Morphy Auctions by visiting them here and here.


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