Expanding your photography collection

frame it, protect it, and display it.

As collectors ourselves we routinely come across art pieces that strike a chord with us. It could be the color palette, it could be the scene, the look in the subjects eye, or simply composition. Once it’s purchased from the artist the photograph ends up sitting on a shelf or a mantle in the house for a little while usually with that stare saying “arent you going to frame me?”. While a plastic sleeve certainly protects this new found piece of art, it’s not ideal for display and ample protection. A frame can do wonders for a photograph or print.

Assembled Wood Frames

Assembled Wood Frames

Over the years we’ve collected some of our favorite frame styles and now we’re offering them at blowout prices to make room for more. If photography is your thing, do your artwork a huge favor and frame it for display. Your prints will thank you as much as the people who will admire it.

For some information on expanding your collection this article by Elisabeth Heleba should help you navigate this. It’s a quick read, but informative nonetheless.

How to expand your photography collection – Resource

As a photographer, you probably want to surround yourself with as much photography as you can. But where do you start? There is so much out there, how do you know what is considered “good art”? And how do you know how much money you’re supposed to spend on a piece?