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Welcome to this week’s thumb scrolling news. Each week, I post some random news articles I encounter throughout the week on my mobile device. I then come here and share some of the more interesting news from my feed. All comic book related of course!

Thumb scrolling. News from my phone.

Bio: Jay Katz, a comic book collector since 1983 and is the owner/creator of InvestComics LLC since 2005. InvestComics LLC was originally a magazine in 2005 before the website launched in 2005.

As of March 29 2018, InvestComics is now TRENDING POP CULTURE.

First thing I’d like to mention before heading into my thumb scrolling news blog, as many of you may know, I have been managing and guiding the InvestComics website since it’s birth in 2005. My idea was to bring the comic book speculation hobby to the forefront of collectors faces. To have a place to frequent every week regarding their new comics coming out on Wednesday. Well, three Stan Lee interviews and 5 new articles a week later, InvestComics was a lot more then just a weekly modern comic book draw. It blossomed into a full fledged one stop shop for comic collectors. InvestComics was THE place to visit if you wanted to be in the ‘know’ about a speculative chase book. The information that has accumulated over the last 13 years has been mind boggling to say the least.

Like anything new and innovative, people wanted to be the next big speculation site. So the internet space became increasingly more crowded over the years. In my observation, I knew InvestComics had to get away from the speculation side and use the comics as tolls for reading and trending…not ‘investing’. The market has become very top heavy. The cards were falling with the increase of ‘variants’ that were great ‘investments’. InvestComics changed the format, slowly, over the years and we didn’t miss a beat. The others continued to do their thing, as InvestComics became a much different entity to which it first started from some 13 years ago. Kudos to those who continue their thing, I decided a long time ago, this is not the direction I wanted to go. So, what was or did InvestComics become? It became a ‘trending’ instrument and not an investment one. I was personally proud of where I came from and where I was headed.

With that short (but not so short) explanation regarding my website change, I go into great detail with the press release on the NEW website; TRENDING POP CULTURE right à HERE. Read it and educate yourself on what it is I’m really trying to convey. I hope you enjoyed the InvestComics journey as much as I enjoyed delivering it. I hope you join me on my new journey as I embark on this new chapter of the internet world. It’s exciting. I’ll see you there.

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Thumbs Up News!

Now some of the random news stuff that scrolled across my phone screen….

More and more political news rages on social media and everywhere these days. It rages across my phone news screen too. There is no escaping it. Although I do have an option to turn off the notice feed about this stuff, I choose not to. Regardless if it’s a lot, it’s still important…..to me.

Bruce Springsteen continues to make history on Broadway in the great NYC. He announced a new vinyl set release coming soon. Vinyl? Yes, that’s made a comeback too.

“Murder Mystery” marks Sandler’s sixth feature project at Netflix, while it’s Aniston’s first time working with the streaming giant.

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston will reunite in a new film. Want to say it’s named ‘Murder Mystery’….could be off here, but that’s as close if not THE title of the new Netflix film.

The band Linkin Park lost their front man, Chester Bennington on August 20th 2017. I remember that date as though it was yesterday. I had already purchased tickets a month before to see the band with my 10 year old son. He loves them. It became a valuable lesson about life instead of a concert that day. Speaking to my boy about the plight, the constant battle with depression. It hit him hard.

Mike Shinoda announced tour dates and a new album

The other front man of Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda was left to pick up the pieces of his broken band. He’s making lots of new music. Much to do with his emotional state and coping. He’s announced several solo tour dates and has released a lot of new music. A new solo album drops soon.

Photo: Kathy Willens (AP Photo)

New York Yankees fans, like myself, were very happy to hear about the arrival of home run slugger Giancarlo Stanton coming to the Big Apple. His debut in the Bronx? How about a career high, FIVE strikeouts? Nuts right? I don’t think that’ll ever happen again during his tenure with the team. He’ll win a World Series title first and then that’ll STILL never happen.

Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson is slated to play a major iconic villain in the new Venom movie, according to CinemaBlend.com. Who will it be?? Has to be some crazy villain, right? Can’t be a ‘normal’ one, wouldn’t fit Woody.

It looks like Spider-Man for PS4 will drop on September 7. Just in time for those Christmas stocking stuffers.

TVLine.com announces there will be more deaths coming down the pike on the Walking Dead show. Fans will have to brace themselves as the season eight finale comes upon them. Although ratings are down, the Walking Dead show marches on toward its shock value programming. Never letting down in that aspect. Ever.

Black Panther has done the impossible? Well maybe not, but maybe so. Here’s the thing, if anyone told me that the Black Panther movie would become the biggest superhero film of all time, I probably would have disagreed. Not because I dislike the character, but because I wouldn’t think the character would be strong enough to dethrone some of the top superhero movies. But that couldn’t be further from wrong as wrong can be! I saw it and loved it! Black Panther has become the biggest superhero movie of all time. Kudos to the teams that put this amazing movie together! Congratulations!

Deadpool 2 trailer is an absolute trip. Talk about a movie breaking records. This will probably be the biggest grossing R rated superhero movie of all time. Not going out on a limb here, right? But still, how awesome does this movie look? Wow.

“He’s a maniac, Maniac, on the floor…”

Speaking of Deadpool. Deadline.com informed me that FX has pulled the plug on the animated series. The series was to feature Donald Glover at the helm, but it’s not going to happen. The series was going to be an adult themed cartoon. Maybe a good thing here. Think about it a second. Having too much Deadpool will kill the entire mojo of this character. The cartoon would have been overkill.

The new Thanos comic, Thanos #17 contains the death of….Hulk, as reported on by screenrant.com. Yes, in yesteryear, this would be a nice ‘what if..’ story from Marvel and fans would move on. But in today’s climate, with so many speculative crazed fans, they’ve created this fantasy as though this particular comic is actually going to ‘worth’ a dang in years to come. As though Hulk has really died in the Marvel Universe. Silliness.

If you’ve read any of my previous columns, you will be well versed on how I feel about Superman’s red underwear look. Let me give you the short version of my opinion on this. I hate them. See, that was easy. It’s also an OPINION, so breathe fanboy, breathe. I honestly never liked them and when DC’s new 52 finally did away with them, I for one was relived. They’ve always looked goofy and childish to me. The new look sped the character to the new era, new millennium.

Cover by: Scott Williams, Jim Lee

With this all said, DC recently announced that Superman’s red underwear would make their return in Action Comics #1000. Much to my dismay of course, but in REAL LIFE, I went on and it didn’t affect me in the least. I didn’t curse at anyone who likes the red underwear on line or make up fake accounts to blast anyone who liked that style. Getting back though, Jim Lee did announce, according to io9.gizmodo.com, that the red underwear will be temporary and that HE knew all along they’d (red underwear) would be back. I’m calling a bit of bull dinkies here on this, but whatever. Anyway, Jim went on to say that the red underwear is not a permanent return. That to me was music to my ears….as big as they are, but still.

Io9.gizmodo.com ran a fantastic piece regarding artist Kumasi J Barnett’s paintings. He painted a bunch of iconic Amazing Spider-Man comic covers, but depicted the wording and character as ‘the Amazing Black-Man’. The covers show the plight of the African American persons within the state of our democracy now. A riveting read and riveting artwork. Check out the article.

With Thanos making his big splash debut within the Marvel Studios Universe in a few weeks, DC wants to flex a little bit of their muscle to which the Thanos character was loosely based on many, many moons ago. DC’s Darkseid will be joining the Justice League. Although nowhere near as the importance or the impact as Thanos will make in the movie, it’s still a big deal in the comic book world. This reported by polygon.com.

….And speaking of the big purple dude, Marvel Comics has announced the Infinity Wars. Infinity Countdown will lead to this epic story. IGN.com broke this story. So looking forward to this.

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Wrapping up this week with a quick look at this week’s Trending Hot Picks #521.


Deathstroke vs Batman in Deathstroke #21. This will be an epic six parter from writer Christopher Priest and artist Carlo Pagulayan. Already sold out.Avengers (2016) #687

The Avengers weekly ‘No Surrender’ storyline marches on in Avengers #687.


Venomized (2018) #1 (of 5)

Venom, Venom and more Venom. Marvel is not letting off the throttle at all regarding this character. Every week it’s MORE Venom covers a new number one popping up someplace. This week it’s Venomized #1 with LOTS of variant covers to choose from.


Amazing Spider-Man #798 debuts the first FULL appearance of Red Goblin. Boy are fans eating this stuff up.


All-New Wolverine #33, the first appearance of ‘Old Woman Laura.’ Yes, for real, not making this up.

DC will debut a new character in a number one issue bearing his name; Curse of the Brimstone #1. Writer Justin Jordan and artist Philip Tan.


Batman and Catwoman are getting married….Batman #44.

Image result for Demigod #1

Indie number one comics to check out;

There is a BUNCH more to check out in the Trending Hot Picks #521 article. You really should check it out.

Thumbs up!

Carpe Diem,
Jay Katz

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