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Welcome to this week’s thumb scrolling news. Each week, I post some random news articles I encounter throughout the week on my mobile device. I then come here and share some of the more interesting news from my feed. All comic book related of course!

But First!

First the random non-comic book stuff that ran across my phone. A lot of news coming from the political world, in which I will NOT write about (of course).

Do not attempt

Guns are a big topic. Restrictions, tighter guidelines, banning, etc. It’s all a big debate right now. Will this be a topic here? Of course not!

A bazooka wielding boy saves a California highway from UFO attack. (ACTUAL PHOTO)

More news popping out regarding UFO’s. Notice how the government and more “legitimate” video and news continue to churn out about UFO’s and aliens? Maybe the takeover will happen sooner than we think. MIB where are you?! I better hurry up and finish this article at least!

Photo: Stephen Shames

Speaking of UFO’s, planet earth lost a great man recently. Stephen Hawking pasted away at the age of 76. World renowned physicist and all around brilliant iconic figure, Mr. Hawking’s showed to fight the odds and preserve through anything life throws at you. He was an inspiration to many as he battled his debilitating disease. He’s said in recent years that maybe humans should slow down in reaching to the stars, seeking alien life. He stated “Who’s to say these aliens aren’t hostile and come in PEACE?”

“Aliens from Mars are not peaceful.” -Stephen Hawking (actual quote, no seriously)

The man always made valid points that made one think outside the box.
Stephen Hawking, rest easy.

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Love News:

What goes around comes around. PHOTO: CELEBRITY INSIDER

How about rumors that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are back together after the breakup of Brad and Angelina. Thank goodness for this news because now I can rest much easier at night without having to take that Zzzquil.

Sad News:


Anyone born from 1948 till about 2000 will feel the effects having Toys R Us closing down. It was a main staple within our childhoods that will continue to live on until we die. Those bright lights, the tall ceilings, the smell, the video game section, those weird giraffe things walking around and of course toys……lots and lots of toys. No more. No point really in pointing fingers, “blaming” is not the answer. It is what it is. Their structure and marketing was simply not in tune with today’s market, THAT is the answer to why Toys R Us is no more. Blame Amazon and Wal-Mart all you want, if you have a business and are out of touch, you will lose.

Google announced they will BAN any and all cryptocurrency related advertising. Not too sure if this is good, bad or not news. What I do know is that cryptocurrency has been getting a lot of airtime around the media as of late and it seems to be a sort of thing that is a large risk as opposed to a new form of currency. With this, many are eyeing crypto as a “bad thing”. Myself? I have tried to understand what this thing is all about and it’s a bit confusing, so I stay away. Many people I have spoken to have done the same. On the flip side, I know people who have invested, sooooo…..do what you want folks!

Movie News:

Netflix recently came up with a list of the ten horror movies that viewers are so “scared” to watch that they couldn’t finish them. Hmmm….Well there are several mitigating factors to consider. One, some people fall asleep during a movie, thus turning it off by the end because the television light is bothering them. Two, Maybe the movie stinks. Thus, turning it off. Third, maybe it’s a Nexflix and chill type of situation. No explanation needed here. No movie should ever be too scary to finish….if you like it and aren’t “busy”.

“He’s a maniac, Maniac, on the floor…”
  • According to hotnewshiphop.com, there are Deadpool reshoots occurring that include MORE Cable and Domino. Guess it was too Deadpool heavy? Wouldn’t that be a good thing? Either way it’s a good thing though. Bring in more of everyone!

  • Disney was accused of plagiarizing some movie posters according io9.gizmodo.com. Here is a question to ponder about this story. Has anyone, suing Disney, ever won? The mouse has some serious lawyer power and I honestly cannot recall an article ever being printed regarding a loss for the mouse side. In reality, I’m quite sure they have taken some lumps over the years, but it’s never really publicized. Probably done on purpose by them (Disney) to suppress that news to still flex their muscle. Just a guess here. Either way though, these posters do in fact look extremely similar to the original product. Look for yourselves and decide.
  • Valiant Entertainment made a big announcement. Actor Vin (I am Groot) Diesel will play the part of Bloodshot for their Sony release. This coming from Syfy.
Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes – The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
  • True Walking Dead fans are probably real tired of hearing about the noise regarding “ratings”. Walking Dead fans want to watch a show without the constant chatter of a possible “could this be the last season?!” talk. It can get quite irritating hearing this all the time now about your particular favorite show. What does this mean to the average fan? Absolutely nothing. The casual fan? They say, “see told you zombie tv won’t last!”, which in itself is an idiotic thing to say because we’re on season eight(?) now. That’s a fantastic run already. How about people don’t crap on others happiness? That’s a thought!

  • The Black Panther movie is kicking some series butt in the theaters. Surpassing ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ and about to pass ‘Dark Knight Rises’. Super feat going on here. That’s some serious coin for the Black Panther!

  • Have you seen the Infinity War trailer? Wow, wow and wow. Loving it! Is that a slogan for something else? Ah, never mind. So, the Infinity War….it will probably be the biggest movie of all time, right? It’s a movie ten years in the making. The anticipation here is astounding. Since the release of the trailer, rumors have been flying regarding every single moment and clip. Even the promo art is garnering its own rumors. According to comicbook.com, they seem to reveal a possible suspect that holds the Soul Gem. Go there now and found out what they think.

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  • Television show ‘Gotham’ will introduce a Superman villain according to cbr.com. The Gotham show and Krypton show are on point. Looking back into the past BEFORE these heroes became who they are and where they came from is working with fans. Although not a ‘new idea’, it’s a refreshing outlet to the many superhero movies and television shows out now.
  • Comicsbeat.com reported that IDW Publishing main man Chris Ryall is stepping down. This news coming a few weeks after Valiant Entertainments head guy Dinesh Shamdasani was bought out of his position. Lots of changes going on behind the comic book scenes. Stay tuned for more…..?
  • Diamond Distributors will be entering the market of pull list for comic fans. What the world leader (only one really at this juncture) comic book distributor plans on doing is giving fans a direct access to make pull list of comics they want and then have them pick it up at their local comic shop. I think that’s the gist of it. Many comic shops are not happy about this at all. Some feel it’s a direct access to their customer base and eventually the customer will not need the brick and mortar anymore. It’s possible this can happen, but the flip side is giving access for possible more business as well. Either way you look at it, both sides have a point to make.

  • Entertainment Weekly reports, legendary writer Neil Gaiman will be returning to one of the most prolific comic book runs in history. Enter; Sandman….in its own Sandman Universe imprint. Comic fans have been waiting for a moment like this for a very long time.
Marvel Entertainment
  • The Marvel Universe will go through yet another reboot of sorts. Bringing back old and making it NEW. Spider-Man #1 debuts this July according to comicbook.com, with writer Nick Spencer and artist Ryan Ottley. So, all of those years on the Invincible title and being compared as the “modern day Peter Parker / Spider-Man comic, Ryan Ottley will draw a new Spider-Man series. This seems absolutely perfect.
  • And speaking of NEW from OLD, Hulk is returning as the Immortal Hulk in the weekly Avengers storyline.
  • Every fan knows of the Marvel Cosmic Universe. It’s details, it’s story base, it’s heroes and villains. Ask a comic fan about the DC Cosmic Universe and there could be a bit of trouble in naming things and trying to piece things together. According to cbr.com, DC is building the actual foundation of a DC Cosmic Universe from the Metal storylines. This is great news because the Metal stories have been killing lately.


Okay so let’s wrap up last week’s InvestComics Hot Picks #519.

  • Villain Red Lion makes his first outside appearance from the Deathstroke universe in Justice League #41.
  • The origin of King Rath in Aquaman #34. Writer Dan Abnett and artist Mirko Colak.
  • Marvel Comics debuts one of the hottest characters in his own book this week; Weapon H #1.
  • Cable #155. The new creative team of writer Zac Thompson and artist German Peralta bring a new look into this characters past and the start of an important storyline of this character.
  • If you haven’t heard by now, spoiler ahead……Jane Foster, aka Thor, will die this week in Thor #705. Long live Jane!
  • Doctor Strange Damnation #3 showcases Thor, Hawkeye, Captain Marvel, Black Panther among others as Ghost Rider based characters. Basically, a flaming skull head on top of their regular bodies. Fans are eating this stuff up right now.
  • Iron Man Hong Kong Heroes #1 will debut a new suit and a new character.
  • Incredible Hulk #714 begins the World War Hulk II story. This World War Hulk features Amadeus Cho and not Bruce Banner.

Lots, lots more within the InvestComics Hot Picks #519 article. Be sure to check it out. Major changes going down soon for the InvestComics LLC brand too. Stay tuned.
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