‘Thumbs Up News’ Issue #2

by Jay Katz

Welcome to another edition of ‘Thumbs Up’ news from yours truly. In case you’re new here, The ‘Thumbs Up’ title is derived from scrolling up on my cell phone and delivering to you all of the cool news I was alerted to and passing it on to you in case you may have missed it. My thumbs move up the page and you get the news. Not the boring stuff, the cool stuff.

Every week I’ll deliver the news that has no bearing on comic books first. I’ll maybe give my two cents and move along, but this week while thumb scrolling these are some of the “uninteresting” things (for here anyway) that I came across.

Ebay is ditching Paypal…booooo! The Groundhog made its prediction, don’t ask me what the result was because not only do I not know, I live in Florida so I seriously could care less. The new Kia Stinger is “the real deal” according to jalopnik.com. VROOOM! Kris Jenner had a baby girl! They named her…..uh yeah, I didn’t click that either. See Groundhog day.

The Superbowl had a few topics all to itself. Cloverfield Paradox Netflix trailer, then the full movie the next day. Imagine if that worked with the big movie releases. We all witness the new Avengers Infinity War trailer (which we did!) and it hits movie theaters the next day. That would be awesome.

Speaking of that Avengers Trailer, wow that looks like a hit. No telling how huge that movie will be once it’s all said and done.

The new Dwayne Johnson trainer hit; Skyscraper. This will be a hit. It’s the modern day Die Hard. If you’re to young to remember that trailer, please don’t tell me that.

The new Mission Impossible; Fallout trailer see Tom Cruise STILL doing most of his own stunts. That dude broke his ankle on one of those stunts. Halted filming for a bit. Hey Tom, here’s a word of advice, how about you stop doing your own stunts?!

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Pink spit out her throat lozenge and the world just about lost their freaking minds about it. Calm down everyone, breathe. That about covers the Superbowl. Oh and the Philadelphia Eagles won the Superbowl. Almost burned their city down, but hey they won!

Taylor Swift buys an entire New York city block for $50 million. Chump change. The chemical in McDonalds fries can cure baldness. This according to the New York Post.com. A brilliant Girl Scout set up her girl scout cookie outside of a weed dispensary and killed it. Wonder why? Can you say ‘entrepreneur’? Jezebel.com reported that. Engadget.com reports, Netflix is moving on with ‘House of Cards’ without Kevin Spacey.  Natalie Portman played the character ‘Eleven’ on SNL and it was amazing. This according to…..me. Business Insider.com reports Best Buy will no longer sell CD’s. Digital baby, digital.

Space X successfully launched the biggest rocket ever to space and landed two of three boosters back to earth. Unreal stuff. Google is trying and may get into the gaming world. A gaming subscription service via their Chromecast devices or a gaming console. Reported by arstechnica.com. And finally, radio extraordinaire Howard Stern will launch a video service from where he is currently employed; SiriusXM. Hollywood Reporter.com on this one.

Scrolling onward, the comic book stuff!

Brian Michael Bendis

Forbes.com reporting that DC newest exclusive creator; Brian Michael Bendis, will write Superman as his first gig with them. Not only that, but he’ll also resuscitate Jinxworld AND oversee a NEW custom imprint at DC. Wow, talk about “giving someone the keys”. DC is truly rolling out the red carpet (and red underwear) for BMB. Well, they paid enough for him, so they’ll maximize their investment, so good for them. We, the fans, are really the ones in the end that win with all of these announcements anyway regarding Mr. Bendis. Looking forward to anything and all from him.

Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight Rises

According to Gamespot.com and news.com.au, Heath Ledger’s family is in fact confirming that Heath Ledger was without a doubt coming back for another stint as the Joker. It’s no secret how beloved he made this character for so many fans. He absolutely nailed it and it’s a shame we’ll never see Heath again in this role. Not too sure what the confirmation from his family does as a whole, as some may see it as a real tease beyond words because of the connection they felt with the character he portrayed. It was amazing and maybe the Ledger family just wants to reassure fans they’re not forgotten and they want them to know he was ready to give more.

Sony Entertainment got wind of what Disney paid out to Fox Studios, so now all of a sudden comicbook.com is reporting that maybe, just maybe Sony Entertainment might be up for sale…..which houses a major Marvel hero….yes Spider-Man. Imagine if Disney makes a bid here? They’ll own Spider-Man and the Ghostbusters. Well, Spider-Man is the catch for them, but this would be the last piece of that preverbal Marvel puzzle to get all of their characters under one roof. IF Disney wants Spidey bad enough, they will get him.

DC has announced a wedding date for Batman and Catwoman. The date will be Batman #50. That’s a nice round number to marry in. Good luck to the new lovers. So, does this mean no more “fighting”? Would this be a violent domestic dispute? If so, they need to get divorced or not married at all. Watching Bats and Cats fight is fun, being married and doing that? That’s weird.

Speaking of Batman #50, a new artist will be taking over the penciling duties; Lee Weeks. Lee Weeks has been at this comic book thing since 1986. His earliest work appears in Eclipse Comics’ Tales of Terror #5. Mr. Weeks is one of the best and this fan here cannot wait for Batman #50. Wedding or no wedding, I’m there to see Lee Weeks.

“He’s a maniac, Maniac, on the floor…”

SuperheroHype.com revealed a new Deadpool sequel poster. It pays homage to the Flashdance movie. If you do not know what Flashdance is, go join the Die Hard gang.

SuperheroHype.com also revealed the latest Deadpool trailer, which features a lot digs at everything between Toy Story to DC’s mustache chronicles. It also features lots of cursing (red band trailer) and we get our first major look at Cable in action. This movie is going to explode the Deadpool character into another category. This movie looks wonder wonder wonderful!

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The Verge.com had to prove a point in removing Henry Cavill’s mustache with a cheap $500 pc as opposed to a $300 million budget. Is this really necessary? Seriously. Who cares??? The movie was not hinged on the facial hair of Henry Cavill. It’s absurd to even debate this or care no less. Enjoy a movie, stop looking at Henry’s upper lip. It’s silly.

Walking Dead fans may rejoice after all. Carl may live! This according to Uproxx.com. In my humble opinion, if the dude was bitten by a zombie, he needs to die. I really hope the show doesn’t do some sort of workaround and have Carl live. Let’s have things keep in line here. Just saying.

Io9.gizmodo.com is reporting that another Marvel hero has been added to the already crowded Avengers 4 movie. The Wasp; Evangeline Lilly said she’ll have a limited role but will in fact appear. We’ll wait for ya Evangeline, we’ll wait…..

The first “Solo – A Star Wars Story” teaser trailer debuted during the Superbowl. Didn’t want to mention this teaser in the Superbowl talk earlier in this post because I wanted to elaborate and report on another story within my newsfeed. First off, the teaser was good, the actual trailer the next day on the Today show was even better. Digging the vibe. For some reason I was expecting something a bit different, but was pleasantly surprised with what Disney presented. Little strange seeing Woody Harrison, but I’ll have to work through this. Love Woody, but in a Star Wars movie? Okay.

Image via Lucasfilm

Writer/Director Rian Johnson of “The Last Jedi” explains why there was no funeral for Han Solo. This via Collider.com.


Long ago, in a Galaxy far far away, nothing happened

Then there is polygon.com speaking of Star Wars fatigue. The Disney CEO Bob Iger hinted at 8 Star Wars films in the works right now. Bob himself says there could be too much Star Wars and that fans may burn out. Once their streaming begins online, will fans be “bored” of all of the superhero movies and Star Wars films Bob alluded to. And so it begins my friends….the first rock has been cast. Superhero movies and Star Wars movies have their first hint at an expiration date. Knew this day was coming, it’s begun.

With that said, head honcho of Marvel Studios; Kevin Feige says that because Disney bought Fox Studios, don’t expect to see any of the former Fox properties in a Marvel Studios film any time soon. We’re looking at 2019 and beyond that for this to first happen.

Hollywood Reporter first reported on Stan Lee falling ill and being hospitalized. He has since gotten out and is feeling better. Get well Stan. Excelsior!

And to finish things off, I’ll give you a quick recap of this week’s new comics according to InvestComics Hot Picks #513 at www.investcomics.com.

X-Men Red #1; Writer Tom Taylor and artist Mahmud A. Asrar. This comic is sold out on the distributor level.

Black Panther: Sound and Fury #1 debuts three new characters. Writer Ralph Macchio and artist Andrea DiVito.

Amazing Spider-Man #795 debuts the Red Goblin. This comic will sell out fast, better grab a copy before their gone.

Cosmo #1 from Archie comics sold out on the day of its release, Cosmo #2 looks as though it’ll follow suit this week.

Aspen Comics debuts a new character. Check out Portal Bound #0. Creators on this book; creators Mark Roslan, Gabe Carrasco and Alex Arizmendi. This comic is sold out on the distributor level.

With Infinity War right around the corner, this Wednesday we see Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock #1; creators Gerry Duggan and Michael Allred.

An interesting new Image Comics book; VS #1. Writer Ivan Brandon and artist Esad Ribic.

Also, check out my son’s new YouTube comic book review show.
This was the latest episode.

-Jay Katz

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