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Hello everyone. Welcome to a new weekly blog from yours truly. Every blog I’ve delivered has been a take on the comic industry, the fans, or collectors. Now fans of the awesome Bags Unlimited blog will enjoy going onto my mobile phone every week? Yes, that’s right! Well, sort of.

One thing I realize is that breaking or new news is forever arriving at a fever pitch. Comic fans are sometimes perplexed by news that came out that they have missed, thus leading to the question “How did I miss that?” It’s very easy to miss things in the digital age. So what I will do each week is provide you with a snapshot (not literally) of my android news feed. All pertaining to comic books of course!

Thumb scrolling up, I’ll skip: The Super Blue Blood Moon, John Leguizamo considering to quit acting for a possible political career, Washington Quarterback Kirk Cousins on the outs, XFL, Ronda Rousey is a WWE star now, and some other boring political news.

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I’ll only get to some comic news you MAY have missed. Even if you didn’t miss it, you may have thoughts on it, so be sure to share it in the comment section on Facebook. Opinions are great, especially when it’s made of substance and not just “This article sucks!”, “This is old news!”, “Jay sucks man!”.

That’s ridiculous and childish, so get a hold of yourself and act like a grown up.

Meanwhile in other news:

So let’s go over some of the topics I ran across while doing the thumb up scroll, shall we?

Amazing comic artist Stanley “Artgerm” Lau posted a variant cover for the Thor #705 issue on his Twitter feed cbr.com reported. The cover is a beauty to say the least. Stanley has come a long way since his earliest work in 2005’s G.I. #5 from Devil’s Due Publishing. He penciled the interior on that book. His earliest cover work came in 2008’s Warhammer Forge of War #5 (Boom Studios). The cover art for this comic is particularly important because fans will be dealing with the finale of a long time character. (Spoiler Alert) Jane Foster will be biting the dust. Long time battling cancer, she will succumb to the disease. Does this mean we’ll never see Jane Foster again? This is comic book land, the equivalent of the daytime soap opera these days. Character dies! Character is back 3 weeks later! (They were due for some vacation time). Although, the comic book character that usually dies has a much longer layover sometimes. i.e. Wolverine, Steve Rogers, Clark Kent, etc. Bottom line here, most do not stay dead for too long.

DC’s premier writer Scott Snyder made an announcement regarding Dark Nights: Metal #5. News coming from Newsarama. He will be bring in the character Martian Manhunter. Crazy right? Making Martian Manhunter a total bad as* will be a lot of fun to read, so this is must read comic book stuff here. Although I have to be honest here (always am anyways!), when I first heard of DC’s Dark Metal, I was very apprehensive in my approach to it. I thought it may just be a ridiculous mis-mash of weird stuff that would confuse and make me lose interest, but it has been the biggest surprise in some time for some fans, including myself. What do you think of DC’s Dark Metal? “The Batman Who Laughs Last”, that’s the biggest character in quite a while to create such a ruckus amongst Batman comic speculators since…….you tell us.

Speaking of DC and Scott Snyder, Newsarama reported that their hit comic “Doomsday Clock” will now go on a bi-monthly schedule instead of its regular monthly schedule. If you’re a regular reader of my website; InvestComics, you will know my exact take of these types of announcements, but here’s it is in case you do not know. Delays kill things. Makes you late for work, thus making you grumpy, thus lass productivity. Delays make you miss scheduled meetings. Delays make you switch lines at a supermarket and on and on, you get the picture. But, relating a delay to a monthly book makes for a bad scenario for DC. A popular monthly title suddenly going bi-monthly sets a fan/reader into a few places within their head and ultimately will cost a loss on the bottom line (dollars). First off, they will be angry because the vested their time into a book that they’ll now have to wait every two months to get BACK into once they’ve read the current issue. The last thing a reader wants to do is go back into their pile of comics and reread a comic from a couple of months ago just to “catch up” and remind themselves where this comic left off. It’s not fun. A void in the aspect of not having a continuing story in back to back months will have some readership dropping off. Ask the Batman Master Race fans how they felt about that long layoff. It hurts sales and really hurts the ebb and flow of a storyline. Delays are the one certainty within the Independent comic market that kills the progress of any traction. Delays equal loss. Get with it DC.

Preview art pages from Amazing Spider-Man #797 by Stuart Immonen. Coming March 2018

Hey, I was speaking of “Jane” earlier. What about the other famous “Jane”? MJ, Mary Jane! No not going back to the regular news feed regarding legalizing anything, talking about Spidey’s main squeeze. Although they haven’t been main squeezes for a few years, but that may all be changing according to cbr.com. New artwork for the Amazing Spider-Man comic teases the couple finally getting back together?? Is it a dream? Will it be real? Guess we’ll have to wait and see with this one.

Cover by: Scott Williams, Jim Lee

I’m not a fan of tighty-whitey’s. I’m also not a fan of RED tighty-whitey’s. If you haven’t heard by now, as reported by EW.com, Superman will don the red underwear once again in Action Comics #1000. Yes, DC will bring back the underwear permanently. I for one liked the modern look. Always have. Escaping the reality within comics is fantastic but wearing read underwear OUTSIDE your costume never made sense to me. Not trying to anger the masses here. The purest are very adamant about the way Superman SHOULD be as opposed to being “modernized” I respect that. I respect anyone’s opinion, so you should respect mine, deal? I for one think that the old costume (outside red underwear) makes Superman or ANY comic hero or villain seem very dated and goofy. I like change. I embrace it. At the end of the day though, I won’t lose sleep over this. It doesn’t change my life, but it does make me snicker when I see them wearing all sorts of different colored underwear.

Image Comics’ Birthright

As reported from Hollywoodreporter.com, Robert Kirkman teams with “Despicable Me” writers for an adaptation of the comic “Birthright”. InvestComics.com gave its fans a heads up on this comic back in 2014 as part of a top ten list on Buzzfeed at the time. The comic is climbing the most wanted list on Ebay each day since the announcement. My word of advice? Wait it out a tad until NO news happens for a bit as the wannabe speculators start dumping and the price drops. Then snag a copy for twenty, thirty or fifty dollars cheaper. Too many jump the gun on news these days and get burned very easy. Relax a bit, breathe.

Back in 1989 a new publishing company took the industry by storm, the name of this company was Valiant Comics. It went on to make some serious noise before owners Jim Shooter and Steve Massarsky sold it to Acclaim Entertainment. The company filed bankruptcy in 2004 where Dinesh Shamdasani and Jason Kothari bought it 2005. The company was bought out a few days ago by DMG Entertainment according to Den of Geek.com. What will happen to all of the movies that were on slate to release? All the rumors caused quite a stir in the speculation market……now what? See, breathe, relax. All of that crazy money spent on speculating could come back and bite you in the face. Sometimes working too fast and being first does not always pay off if you pay a premium because you think you’re in the know. Breathe.

12″ Action Figure of Marvel’s Deadpool

Comicbook.com reported on a new line of Deadpool Hasbro toys. Set for release in the fall of 2018. Just in time for the mov…wait a sec. The movie was moved up to a March or May release right? So what’s the deal with a “fall” release? Oh yes, yes, the fat guy with the red suit is set to make his appearance right after that season, so perfect timing there. The new Deadpool toy line will consist of action figures, a mask and katanas. It’s going to be a festive Deadpool holiday season. If these toys are released before Halloween, everyone you know, child and adult will be running around with a Deadpool mask and Katanas. Oh what fun!

Marvel Comics released the new Ant-Man and The Wasp trailer. Boy does it look like another hit for them. An iffy villain will be a one and done, but once again so called “speculators” are trying to upsell Iron Man #219 (1987). This comic is and will be a one dollar comic in another year, but many are being suckered into spending upwards to $20 or more. That’s a suckers bet. Great for the seller(s), bad for the buyer(s). Do not get suckered into this money grab. If you find a bunch of copies in a dollar bin someplace, by all means, sell, sell, sell!

Photo: HBO

The HBO Watchmen pilot will directed by Nicole Kassell. She’s had her hand in The Americans, Better Call Saul and Vinyl. She had full control of the film The Woodsman. This all being reported by io9.gizmodo.com. The Watchmen series from HBO will be extremely anticipated by the hardcore fanbase of the Watchmen lure, so HBO better get this right or a lot of nerds will be very unhappy.

When Brian Michael Bendis jumped ship over to DC from Marvel, the first question on every fans mind was, “What is he working on first? And with whom?” Part of the answer has appeared on cbr.com stating what appears to be a tease from Scott Snyder collaborating with Mr. Bendis. Stay tuned on that…

Marvel Studios co-president Kevin Feige says it will be YEARS before anyone will see a crossover with the X-Men into the current Marvel U. This according to Polygon.com.

Hollywood Reporter.com reporting that “Solo: A Star Wars Story” may drop its first trailer during the Super Bowl this coming Sunday. We all wait with baited breath.

Oh look at that! New North Korea news, Howard Stern takes the side of the radio guys and not Tom Brady, Kylie Jenner may reveal her pregnancy soon, Stormy Daniels cancels her appearance on the View…oh yes, way off topic here. Be sure to come back next week with a new round of thumb scrolling up on my cell phone!

Thumbs up!

Invest wisely. Read comics.

Carpe Diem.

-Jay Katz

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