Toploaders: Everything YOU Need to Hang Your Posters

Toploaders are a simple way to display and protect

THIS, THAT, and the Other THING

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THIS: Ultra-Pro One-Sheet Toploader. Product Code: APP2943. This rigid 16 gauge crystal-clear vinyl display holds one-sheet posters. Just slide in your poster, and it is ready to use. It’s simple to change your poster any time. Use them in display bins or hang on the wall for an impactful presentation. Consider your posters well protected when stored in Ultra-Pro’s “Stor-Safe” line of non-plasticized storage and display products.

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THAT: One Sheet Poster CLOSURE CLIP. Product Code: ACLIP29. Just slide the closure clip along the open end ( 29”) of the One Sheet Toploader and create dust and pollution-free environment for your poster.

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THE OTHER THING: This Toploader Hanger Kit (APPH312) safely hangs a one-sheet toploader. Kit contains two hang tabs, and 20 gauge plastic coated wire to securely hang your one-sheet posters. There is enough wire provided for either horizontal or vertical hanging.