Storage of Vintage One Sheet Movie Posters

Prior to the 1980’s,one sheet movie posters that were sent to theaters for movie release advertising were folded. It is considered best storage practice to keep these movie posters folded when archiving them. We stock a standard corrugated cardboard storage box that stores the posters vertically and an acid-free storage box with a drop-front that stores the posters flat.

Folded One Sheet Poster Storage Box

Corrugated Cardboard 14-3/4 X 11-1/2 X 15-3/4” (H x W x D)

Folded One Sheet posters fit vertically in the XLM60. They can also be used for large magazine storage.

These white (one side) corrugated cardboard boxes are made from super strong 275-lb-test cardboard. These boxes hold 100 folded one-sheet posters sleeved in our 2 mil folded one-sheet poster bags (SLML2) and backed with our .028” thick acid-free backings (KAF28LML).

Archival Folded One Sheet Poster Storage Box

Archival Blue E-Flute Corrugated Cardboard 11-1/2 x 15 x 3”

Archival one sheet poster box

The blue- E-flute corrugated cardboard that these boxes are made from is acid-free; lignin-free and buffered with 3% calcium carbonate. Not only will this material trap acid that is in the posters, but the buffering agent keeps acids from migrating into the posters from the atmosphere.

Archival one sheet poster box

This material strength exceeds 200-lb-test, and the corners are metal edged for stacking strength. The drop-front makes it easy to remove posters from the box. These boxes are MUSEUM-GRADE ARCHIVAL approved by the Library of Congress for long term archival storage.