Safely Store a Sports Pennant

Keep your Pennant Collection Protected by investing in pennant sleeves to keep your pennants free from dust, dirt, and other environmental pollutants. We make, and stock several different pennant sleeves, which ones are right for you?

Triangular Pennant Sleeve

These 3 mil polyethylene, acid-free sleeves are an inexpensive way to protect your pennants from dust, dirt and other airborne pollutants.

Product Code: APPENPE

13” at the opening. 32” long. Made from 100% virgin polyethylene. This soft material has excellent contact clarity and is guaranteed safe for long-term storage.

Archival Polyester Triangular Pennant Sleeve

Archivalock Poly Pennant Sleeve
Archivalock Poly Pennant Sleeve with the archivalock tab lock design

Product Code: APPENPET

13 x 32-5/16″. Polyester (O.D.) – Length includes locking tab area.
12-1/2 x 31-1/4″ 

These sleeves are made of semi-rigid 4 mil Archival Polyester (Mylar) an inert material of the highest clarity. Polyester is the only material approved by the Library of Congress for indefinite storage. These archival sleeves come with our unique ARCHIVALOCK® tab-lock design which keeps the stored pennant safely enclosed.