Interview with a Beatles Record Collector

Record Protection and Favorite Vinyl with Kristine Summer

Recently Bags Unlimited teamed up with Youtuber Kristine Summer to talk The Beatles, Vinyl and record protection. She’s got all eyes and ears on what’s going on in Beatles news and has a wicked collection! If there’s anyone to go to for this subject, it’s Kristine, let’s read what she has to say!

BU: What’s your favorite collector’s item?

KS:For any Beatles fan the biggest collector’s item is probably the ‘Butcher’ cover. Unfortunately, I don’t have a copy. I’ve only ever seen them on eBay and in person at record shows. But I do hope to own one someday!

BU:Most expensive in your collection?

KS:The most expensive items in my collection are my Beatles box sets. They contain all the Beatles studio albums in mono and stereo on vinyl. They are some of my prized possessions!

BU:Most cherished for any other reason but financial value?

KS:I really cherish the records that were passed down to me from my grandpa. He passed away before I got into vinyl, but I was given all of his records. Most of them were of The Rolling Stones and they mean a lot to me.

BU:What’s one record you’re dying to get your hands on?

KS:Oh, probably the ‘Butcher’ cover! I think that’s a huge want for any Beatles fan.

BU:What’s the farthest you’ve gone to get your hands on a certain record?

KS:Well many years ago a man from a flea market called me and told me he had got a bunch of new Beatles records in. I wanted first pick and I wanted to be there early the next morning. We left the house at 4 AM and drove into a different state to see the records! I don’t think there was a certain album I wanted. But he always had some really clean copies of the Beatles American albums and compilations. Classic 60s and 70s albums. He was the best.

BU:Favorite Beatles song? Favorite album?

KS:This always changes. My favorite song at the moment is ‘Got To Get You Into My Life’. And my favorite album is ‘Rubber Soul’ (US track listing).

BU:If you could see the Beatles live now, which era would you most like to see them in?

KS:I would say 1966. That’s the year that stopped touring unfortunately. That year contains some of my favorite songs and to see them live would be amazing. I imagine by 1966 the crowds had died down a *little* compared to the Beatlemania of 1964.

BU:John, Paul, George or Ringo?

KS:I love them all. But for solo music I’ll say Paul McCartney! I’m so thankful he’s still around and still releasing bomb music.

BU:Do you have any collection goals? Some people want to collect as many white albums as possible, others, love me do singles etc…

KS:Hmm. That’s a good question. I really don’t think I have any goals… I’m not really a ‘completionist’ or anything like that. I do have areas that I would like to improve in. There was a magazine out several years ago counting down the top 100 albums to own on vinyl – out of 100 I only owned 25 which was disappointing. I am still missing some key albums that made music what it is today and I’d like to acquire them some day!

BU:What modern artists do you like or what artists today do you most hear inspiration from the Beatles?

KS:You know… every couple of months a band comes out that reminds you a little bit of The Beatles. The most notable one to me is Tame Impala. The lead singer can sound JUST LIKE John Lennon at times which is pretty amazing. As far artists I listen to, it’s pretty much just whatever I stumble upon. I really enjoyed the newest album from Noel Gallagher and lately I’ve been jamming to The Wallows.

BU:Biggest collecting blunder when you first started to collect?

KS:Probably the little story I mentioned in my video about my records almost mildewing.

BU:Favorite way to preserve your records/anything you would like to be better about with preservation?

KS:Definitely think they best way to preserve your records is by using outer sleeves to avoid damage. As I said in my video, no matter how careful you are accidents can happen. And it’s good to have protection just in case.

BU: What did you think of the sample pack of all various protective sleeves that you received? Did we leave anything out that you think we should include in the future?

KS:The sample pack was nice and it was great to have the different examples of inner and outer sleeves to show in my video. I think most of the necessities were included!

BU:Did you have any favorites or any products of ours that you wish you could try?

KS:It’s not exactly related to vinyl protection, but I was eyeing the record dividers. I organize my records in alphabetical order and I have been needing something to label them by so it’s easy to find what I want to listen to!

Record Divider Cards PRINTED WITH the ALPHABET

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BU:We know you really wanted to try our newly redesigned Nostatic ‘Rice Paper’ style sleeves, have you got a chance to try them out? How do you like them?

KS:Yes! Rice paper sleeves are my favorite style of inner sleeves and I had never tried out the Bags Unlimited brand. But they are great and work just as well. No static really makes a difference!

Thanks so much for this opportunity. It was a lot of fun and I hope I done justice in showing all the items and talking about how important they are! 🙂

-Kristine Summer

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Kristine Summer

Hello, my name is Kristine! I like talking about music (specifically classic rock). My favorite band is The Beatles, but I also love The Monkees, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and the Grateful Dead. I make videos about my favorite bands as well as vinyl updates, Beatles collection updates, record shopping vlogs, and more music / fan related stuff.

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