I have heard ( and seen) postcard collections sorted by types.

Here are a few categories: Silk Postcards, Real Photograph Postcards, Linen Postcards, White Border Postcards, Big Letter Postcards – just to name a few. People also often sort and collect postcards by subject such as Halloween, WWII, Animals, Children, Christmas, Seaside. There are unlimited possibilities as far as the topic goes. But one topic caught my eye – “Disaster” postcards. Here’s a link to a few of the disaster postcards. My, my.

Disaster strikes in John Kasmin’s postcard collection

“Before photographically-illustrated magazines or newspapers, before television and Facebook networks existed, in the first decade or so of the twentieth century, picture postcards were sent by the hundreds of millions worldwide,” writes John Kasmin, introducing his series of five photobooks on post

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