My first introduction to DMC was the track BOUNCE from the ‘Beavis and Butthead Experience’ soundtrack that I “bought” from BMG music on cassette tape when I was 10 years old. My mother did not approve of my other selections, especially Doggy Style by Snoop Doggy Dogg.

I still don’t understand her aversion. 🙂

I had never heard anything like Bounce before. The aggressive and biting synth line and rhythm right from the beginning of the track sets the tone for what’s to come. It’s pretty much nonstop lyrical flow from Run and D.M.C. until the very end of the track. Run, of course, delivers an excellent performance to start the track but I think the real star on this one is D.M.C.

I’ve never been one to pay attention to lyrics, as I’ve always been a melody fellow, but when I heard the line from D.M.C. “I’m hard to the core. I’m wicked and raw. My rhymes break raw when I’m breaking your door. I kick a ill style ‘cause I’m sticka-still wild. Take-a take-a chill now, cause I got to kill a foul. Foul-mouthed sucker knockin’ out all doubt. I’m takin suckers out, ‘cause I make a sucker bounce!”, something inside me was excited, something in my mind was excited. I couldn’t explain what captivated me back then and I still don’t know what it is today but I can tell you that it’s strong!

Well, it’s 24 years later and the lyrics have never left my subconscious and I got a chance this weekend, for the briefest of moments, to talk to the guy who wrote them, Darryl “D.M.C.” McDaniels. He gave a speech at one of the great local record stores, The Record Archive, about vinyl records and what they mean to him, us and the music industry as a whole. What follows is my very short observation of his talk, and a framing overview of his new LP single, “Back From The Dead, The Legend Lives”in one of Bags Unlimited’s LP Jacket & Record frames.

We at Bags Unlimited first heard about Darryl’s passion for the art of producing vinyl records at the Making Vinyl conference in Detroit, hosted by Third Man Records and Jack White. Darryl was one of the three keynote speakers. When my bosses came back to Rochester they spoke very highly about D.M.C. and how he carried the room when he spoke and, how much he had to say about vinyl specifically. I, admittedly, was a bit jealous as I would have loved to hear him speak as well.(If you’d like to read more about what we learned at the Making Vinyl conference you can do that here.)

Fast forward to a month or so later and to my surprise one of our oldest and most popular local record stores, The Record Archive, was hosting Darryl for a few hours on the Sunday following Thanksgiving to talk about the music business, his new record and, of course, vinyl. I knew I had to go to this! I arrived a bit early and picked out my place among the many aisles of newly produced records (very cool) and then the surreal moment hit me when Darryl walked on stage. Immediately people were captivated when a guy who transcended musical genres and sold millions of records spoke just like a normal person about his life, where he first heard the music that would be sampled for some of the most iconic late 70’s/early 80’s hip-hop and what he thinks is so important about vinyl and its resurgence versus other mediums of music delivery. To say Darryl is a natural orator would be an understatement. Anyone who knows his music knows he’s a showman and as I said before, he was captivating. If you get the chance to ever hear Darryl speak you will be happy you took the time, especially if you’re a record lover.

After the speech Darryl was doing a meet and greet and signing his new record. I was a bit nervous about what I’d say to him because that stuff can usually be a bit awkward. Not in this case! Darryl was a breeze to talk to and we spoke briefly about the Making Vinyl conference, Jack White and a bit about all the processes that going into producing quality music for the masses including record sleeves like the ones we have been making at Bags Unlimited for decades! He signed my record jacket which included a sentimental “JMJ, RIP”. Because of the cool album cover, the autograph and the matching red vinyl I decided to frame it up in our ALPFKR jacket and record frame and hang it in the front hallway for all of our customers to see. Here’s a brief video of how I did it and the end result. It looks quite sharp if you ask me (feel free to ask me if you see me.)

Lastly I wanted to talk a bit about the hosts of this event, the Record Archive. Owned by Dick Storm since 1975, The Record Archive has been a haven for every kind of music lover since it opened its doors; the oddball, the straight-laced, geek and sheik alike are all welcome to browse the warehouse sized store full of CDs, kitschy furniture and, of course, vinyl records. I’ve been to The Record Archive countless times in my day to score some super cheap used CDs, of which they have an amazing selection for $5! But since we’re talking about records here let’s have a look at just some of their many, many shelves of new and used vinyl records.

The Record Archive, its owners and employees have a passion for all things music and anyone who visits their store is in for an experience. Not too many local record shops have a full bar and stage! I wanted to thank them for hosting the event and allowing me to meet a guy who’s been in my musical vocabulary for over 20 years. I’m glad I got to meet Darryl and at the same time support one of Bags Unlimited’s longest relationships with one great record shop. All three parties are passionate about vinyl and what it means to us and the world.

Keep spinning those records, people!

-Matt O

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Record Archive

Record Archive has been a music & entertainment destination in Rochester since 1975. Specializing in vintage vinyl our expansive store also includes all of the latest music releases as well as unique gifts & toys, vintage clothing & furniture, t-shirts, souvenirs, 1000’s of movies, audio equipment, two live music stages, event space, backroom lounge beer and wine bar proudly serving upstate NY’s finest beers and wines and much more!