Best way to store your photos

from boxes to photo sleeves

People often ask us “what’s the best poly material for archiving photos?”. In this video we discuss all the different types of materials and their uses. From polyethylene to polypropylene and polyester (mylar). All three of these materials have passed the Photo Activity Test (P.A.T.) certifying that they are safe for long term storage. So for the most part it’s whatever suits your needs. Thin and cheap, thick and heavy, the choices of bags are unlimited. (see what I did there?)

Then of course people wonder “should I still store them in my shoeboxes?”. No, you should not. Shoeboxes are not approved for archival storage. We cover all kinds of storage options.

Then we get into some of our micro chamber paper options to eliminate mitigating acids. Have a look and let us know if you have any questions. We’re here to help.

Photo Storage Boxes

We stock five styles of archival PHOTO STORAGE BOXES. All styles are acid-free and are safe for indefinite storage of photos.

Photo Sleeves

Store your photos in photo-safe sleeves to extend their longevity. We stock photo sleeves made from the following materials: Polypropylene, Polyester (Mylar), Glassine and Acid-free, lignin-free 80# paper stock.