Ultimate Protection for your CDs!

Many people love their CD Collections as well as their LPs and streaming their favorite tunes. When CDs were first introduced, they were touted as “nearly indestructible.” It didn’t take us long to find this statement to be quite far from the truth. Scratching and lost data due to CD rot were a few things that could cause alarm when playing our favorite disc. However, whatever bad they brought to the table, their portability and sound easily won favor over the audio cassette and 8-track tapes. The CD cases were perfect protection (when we used them), but the cases scratched fairly easily themselves. To prevent these scratches people quickly relied on our CD Case Sleeves. We recently added another outstanding product to protect CD cases  – our crystal-clear polyester CD Case Protector.

Crystal-clear  CD Jewel Case Sleeve

(link in image)
  • Made from acid-free polypropylene
  • Holds one Cd case perfectly
  • Resealable flap
  • Reseal tape is on the body of the sleeve

Crystal-clear CD Jewel Case Box Protector

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  • Holds one CD case perfectly
  • Made from acid-free archival polyester
  • 12 mil, semi-rigid with top and bottom closure
  • Comes with removable protective film