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Bio: Jay Katz, a comic book collector since 1983 and is the owner/creator of InvestComics LLC since 2005. InvestComics LLC was originally a magazine in 2005 before the website launched in 2005. As of March, 29 2018, InvestComics is now TRENDING POP CULTURE. In addition, Jay has a new website named Fake Comic Book News.

Welcome to thumb scrolling news. I scroll through my mobile phone throughout the day, read a bunch of cool comic news items and then come here and talk about it! I’ll post some of the best comic news articles I encountered throughout the week on my mobile device.

First and foremost, a tough week for the comic book community. I would like to extend my condolences to the families of Gary FriedrichMarie Severin and Russ Heath. The comic community has lost true pioneer’s. Each one of their work paved the way within the industry. Click on each of their names to learn more about these icons. Rest easy.

It looks as though Todd McFarlane found the person to helm his new Spawn vision according to comicbook.com. Walking Dead director; Greg Nicotero will be Todd’s guy to direct the new Spawn film. Why does this seem like a match made in heaven? Although some may not feel this way, the majority outweigh the minority on this one. The new Spawn film will star Jamie Foxx as the main character. Looking good all-around so far!

Comicbook.com reported on the first ever photos coming out of the set for the new Titans television show. Hoping this show works out. Looks like a lot of time and effort has gone into this show to bring a great product. Also hoping fans are not too hard on it, give it a chance. Baby steps….


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Marvel Comics are caught up in a quandary. Comicbook.com is reporting that there seems to have been a symbol or something sewn to Spider-Man’s costume that offended some readers and the Church of Latter Day Saints. Don’t ask me, I just read the comics, I didn’t notice it. If you want more on this story, check out the article at comicbook.com.

Bleedingcool.com reporting that according to the DC November solicit, it will be Superman vs Dr. Manhattan. That’s some fight. Who wins? Find out in November, but until then, speculate away.

Dan Jurgens hinted at a personal ‘want’ and expressed it. He thinks Guy Gardner deserves and needs his own series. Read all about that at cbr.com.

Also from cbr.com, the director of the Venom film will not say whether Spider-Man will appear in the film. So……no need to read that article, right?

Fans of the Tony Stark: Iron Man comic were probably not happy with the Newsarama news that it’s been pushed back a whole month. What gives with that you may ask? No idea. Newsarama doesn’t know either.

BIG news, HUGE news coming down the pike regarding the Daredevil comic series according to writer Charles Soule and Newsarama. Charles won’t reveal what he’s talking about, but he drops a couple of hints in the write-up. Read it and see if you can play detective and figure it out. Let the speculation commerce.


Rapper Eminem teased his song for the Venom movie soundtrack on his Instagram account. You hear about five words and it ends. That’s not a tease, that ridiculous. We want more!

Diamond Distributor’s ‘Pullbox’ idea, where fans can use a virtual pullbox and have their comics delivered directly to a comic shop in their area, has been pushed back until October. Read the explanation as to why at Newsarama.

Alec Baldwin was going to play Thomas Jane in the new Joker film, but has bowed out. Why Alec, why? That would have been a great role for US fans. Yes, very selfish. Read why he may have bowed out at Newsarama.

A final Predator trailer hit on cbr.com and it’s the ‘red trailer’. Meaning it has a buch of guts, gore and F bombs. Watch at your own discretion.


Wrapping up this week with a quick look at this week’s Trending Comics & More #542 from Trending Pop Culture.

With the constant Batman vs Deathstroke fight going on; Batman vs Deathstroke, it’s come to this. Deathstroke #35 forces the two battling characters to ‘join forces’.

Brian Michael Bendis brings the all-star creators with him in order to tell two separate stories this Wednesday. Brian with David Mack; Cover #1 and Brian with Michael Avon Oeming; United States vs Murder Inc #1.

If that character (first appearance?) on the cover of Border Town #1 is an indication of what is to come in these pages, we’re all in. Hopefully he/it is a recurring character. Written by Eric Esquivel and art by Ramon Villalobos.

A new Marvel team book hits this Wednesday; Asgardians Of The Galaxy #1 from Cullen Bunn and Matteo Lolli. Fans love team books and with a creative team like this, it’ll be an interesting book indeed.

Thanos Legacy #1. Many of the variant covers are limited to only one copy each from some comic shops. They may be expecting a bit of rush for this comic, thus making available for all customers and not just speculators.

Bully Wars #1 from Image Comics will be hit. Not just because the subject matter is very poignant, because of its hilarity, originality and creative team. Writer Skottie Young and artist Aaron Conley follow a bully that’s become the bullied. This ongoing series will catch on if it doesn’t right away….which it will.

There is MORE to check out this week in Trending Comics & More #542.

Trending Comics & More #542 – Trending Pop Culture

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