CD Case Replacement: Binder vs Sleeve

We know that CD storage and organization is a monumental task that many have a difficult time addressing. The sheer volume of space they take up can be overwhelming. We designed and manufactured two different types of storage for those who are interested in paring down the clutter in their lives. Most CD case replacement products mean you’ll have to ditch the tray card. Our replacement product designs allow you to keep the CD, booklet, and tray card together.

CD Case replacement

CD Gatefold Sleeve                              CD Binder & Pages

CD Case Replacement – Gatefold Sleeve
Product Code: SCDGFV8
These 8 gauge semi-rigid vinyl gatefold sleeves hold a CD, booklet and tray card. They are center loading. The CD stores in one side and the booklet and tray card in the other side. Store them in our XCD30 or XCD30BB CD storage boxes.
Here’s a short video demonstrating how to use them.

CD Case Replacement – Binder Page
Product Code: SCD4PP
Our CD Binder page is made of 8 gauge crystal-clear frosted vinyl. It holds four CDs and their respective booklet and tray card. Use our extra-wide binder, designed exclusively to fit our pages perfectly. Product Code: ab3r112k.
Here’s a link to the binder.