THIS and THAT: Comic Storage

Best way to store comics

THIS, THAT, and the other THING

These Products offer an acid-free storage environment for your comics.

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THIS: XCC100CP: Our Plastic Comic Storage Box holds up to 100 Comics in Sleeves with Backings. It is made from Corrugated Polypropylene (plastic) material. The box and lid fold together to form a super-strong container with excellent stacking strength. Highlights: Die-cut handles that can be in the open position for carrying or closed position for storing. 3” deep lid fits snuggly to help keep contents safe. This box material is acid-free, water and vermin resistant. Safe for long-term storage!

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THAT: DCOMP:  Comic Divider Cards. Made from acid-free Polystyrene (plastic) material. They are rigid, .030” thick and fit in our comic boxes with the lid in place. Keep your collection organized by genre, year, super-hero or whatever category you desire. We also have comic divider cards for alphabetizing your collection. They come in sets of 25 with one letter of the alphabet screen-printed on the tab in black ink. Y & Z are on the same divider card. Safe for long-term storage!

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THE OTHER THING: BSSCC: Our SafeSpace® Bag Kit is a revolutionary new storage system that creates a safe microclimate for your comics.  Storing your Comic Collection using this system will help resist Humidity, Hydrolysis, Oxidation, Off-Gassing, Mold, Mildew, other Biologicals and UV Light. Watch our short “How To” video and get ready to keep your collection stored safer than you thought possible. (Instructions)