Photo Collection Tips

Question: Is it better to store my photos in albums, binders or boxes? Is one better than the other?

Answer: People used to store their photos in shoe boxes, vinyl photo albums, desk drawers, stick them to walls with scotch tape. We’ve all done it and have a lot of faded, ripped and sticky photos. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that there are now numerous kinds of archival photo storage methods that will preserve your photos for years to come. They are reasonably priced considering the years that they will last and the safe environment they provide for your photos.

  1. Photo Albums – they’ve come a long way baby! Pioneer’s photo albums are 100% archival, photo-safe materials. They are the opposite of the old style in which everyone used to keep their photos. You know the ones that stuck to the clear overlay after keeping them in the hot car? These are the same style but expandable and have washable covers. We even stock photo albums for your instant photos. 
  2. 3-Ring Binders – Our binders offer double protection. Not only are the binders made of acid-free materials that are certified by an independent lab as being safe for the long-term storage of photos, but the binder pages have also tested safe. There are very few places where you will be purchasing that guarantee! The test is called the P.A.T. test (Photo Activity Test). If you don’t see that guarantee when purchasing binder pages, you shouldn’t get them!


3. Photo Storage Boxes – We stock acid-free archival boxes in photo sizes from 4 x 5” thru 8 x 10”. All boxes store the photos vertically. The images shown below are our more popular styles. Follow the link to view.