New Magnetic Photo Albums vs. Old Style

It wasn’t so long ago that everyone was saving their photos in harmful photo albums with pre-glued pages and vinyl overlays. Now people are finding their pictures ruined from vinyl sweating caused by moisture being trapped in the pages as well as the photos permanently glued to the pages. What can be done? There are a few things. Don’t just toss those precious memories! The sooner you retrieve your photos from the degrading photo book the better though. If removal is the problem – you have a few choices. Here is a short video by the Smithsonian that demonstrates one way of doing it with dental floss.

It’s worth watching just to see her technique as well as her excellent of using gloves to keep from further smudging the photo. You should clean the photo before putting in a new album, photo binder or box. We have a very useful antistatic microfiber cloth that will make that any easy job.