Jack White’s Label Opens a Photo Studio

Jack White is a prolific musician but his inspiration doesn’t stop him there. From founding The White Stripes and influencing musicians everywhere, to starting his own record label, and now to enter into the world of photography with the Third Man Photo Studio.

Third Man Records was started in 2001, from there branching off into the flagship location with a recording studio, performance venue and headquarters and later in 2017 a pressing plant. Within this massive project you’ll find more creativity. Bags Unlimited LOVES Jack White’s projects because we carry all you could need to protect your audio products as well as your photo negatives and photographs. 

Here at the Voice-o-Graph at the store in Nashville, customers can pay to have 150 seconds of whatever they want recorded. After your time is up the machine will dispense a one of a kind 6″ phonograph disc!

The newest project from Jack White is a bit of a different take, from all things music..to a full on photo studio. While it might seem like a leap for some, music and photography has always worked hand in hand. Band images define the music, they push the concept and create an image for what we listen to. Jack White understands this well, his band The White Stripes was heavily based around their image.

This new project the Third Man Photo Studio includes everything you’d need to get images that you will be proud of, from renting the studio to getting your negatives processed. This is a one stop shop for dedicated photographers! What makes it even greater is that you’re creating art around the aura of a great musician.

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Polypropylene Binder Page for 35 mm Negative Strips

Binder Page for Negative Strips. Holds seven 35 mm negative (five frame) strips. Page: 9 x 12″; Pockets: 8 x 1-5/8″. These pages are made from 4.0 gauge, crystal-clear polypropylene rately).