Glossary Term: Card Stock

Card stock

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Card stock is a thicker paper often used for business cards, post cards, catalogue covers or in our case, trading cards. Determining your card’s gauge is important to finding the right sleeve or toploader. Cards come in all shapes and sizes and we have to know what size they are to find the right “clothes”.

After you’ve determined card stock and properly protected your cards you can look into being a trading card investor, our article with help from PWCC tells you how.

Here’s a helpful guide as well to determining thickness:

1 Regular Card = 20 Point – Use All Standard or Regular Card Holders

3 Regular Cards = 55 Point – Use 55 Point Holders (Also called Action Packed Size or Thick)

4-5 Regular Cards = 70-75 Point – Use 75 Point Holders or Extra Thick Holders

6-8 Regular Cards = 120-130 Point – Use 130 Point Holders (Commonly called Memorabilia Size or Real Thick or 3.5 mm)

9-12 Regular Cards = 180 Point – Use 180 Point Holders (Also called Super Thick)

Mini-Snaps & Magnetic One-Touch Card Holders

Pro-Mold® Mini-Snap Cases for memorabilia cards. Available for both 20 pt and 70 pt cards. Cases are crystal clear. No PVC. Acid-free. Ultra-Pro UV® Magnetic One-Touch Acrylic Card Holders hold a single, standard 2-1/2 x 3-1/2″ card.