Interview with Beau Spencer Thompson by Shane Salmonson

We all have collecting goals, whether we have really thought about it or not. One man who has thought out an extremely lofty goal, and is making big strides towards reaching that goal, is Beau Spencer Thompson. Beau has decided to collect one million Cubs cards! You read that right, he is shooting for a million! I caught up with Beau to see how the project started, and how far it has come so far.

BU: Can you give us a little background on yourself?

BST: I work as a business development specialist for a logistics company. This position came after more than a decade as a sports broadcaster at the high school and college division 1 level. Collecting one million Cubs cards isn’t the first time I’ve attempted an outlandish goal. In 2009, I broadcasted 153 high school basketball games in one season (15 weeks) and blogged about each game. That journey led to a mention in Sports Illustrated’s Hot Clicks column.

BU: How were you introduced to the trading card hobby?

BST: The first packs I remember opening were 1988 Topps football and 1988 Donruss baseball.Not sure how I was introduced to cards, but the habit took hold early on. 

BU: What do you currently collect? Any favorite pieces you’d like to share?

BST: Baseball cards are my top collecting focus, but I also collect other Cubs items such as autographed baseballs and other memorabilia. My favorite piece other than my card collection is a game-used 2nd base (Javier Baez is my favorite Cub)from the 2017 National League Championship Series. I also enjoy my signed baseball collection because there are many great stories attached.

BU: Can you tell us a little about the collecting project you are currently working on?

BST: The attempt is to acquire one million Cubs baseball cards. I’m collecting any and all Cubs including minor league and custom cards. Once I reach one million my focus will narrow down to finishing Cubs team sets while continuing to acquire new releases.

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BU: How did you decide to try to collect one million Cubs cards?

BST: For much of my life I’ve enjoyed writing, and didn’t really have anything to write about. I had also been buying a lot of cards and wanted to get rid of many of the unwanted cards. I have collected Cubs cards in the past and traded with other team collectors. Over the course of a week or so it all came together.  

BU: When did you start the project? How far along are you?

BST: It all began last December (2017), just before Christmas. When I started I had around 70,000 Cubs cards. As of December 7, 2018, I am up to 232,000 Cubs cards.   

BU: In what different ways do you acquire the cards for your Cubs project?

BST: Mainly through trading. The volume definitely comes through trades, but I pick off Cubs cards from eBay, Facebook groups, Blowout Cards forum, and card shows.

BU: Are there any certain players you have the most cards of?

BST: Probably Ryne Sandberg. About a month ago I swapped 700 Kirby Puckett cards for 700 Sandberg cards. Just recently I acquired over 1,600 Sandberg cards in a trade. I also collect Javier Baez and Dylan Cease cards. 

BU: So after you hit the million cards mark, what then?

BST: Once I hit a million, I’ll focus more on the sorting and organizing of the collection. It will also give me time to focus on filling needs from Cubs team sets. 

BU: Anything else you’d like to share?

BST: This project has brought the fun of the hobby back for me. In the two years prior to starting this project I was buying cases of new product and trying to flip for profit. It became a business, and opening boxes became work. It just wasn’t fun anymore. It has also brought me much closer to fellow collectors, and have really enjoyed meeting new people and sharing the love of collecting.

Beau Spencer Thompson

Twitter: @onemillioncubs

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