Cards of the past that would NOT fly today!

Written by Stephanie Linning

This article comes from Daily Mail

Collected items show the trends, interests and thought processes of people in the past. One of the more documented times is Christmas. In some cultures Christmas traditionally was a Christian Holiday and celebrated as the birth of the savior of the world. So you have to wonder what was going on culturally to have these amorous postcards as symbols of the Christmas Season.

Holiday photo insert cards

Holiday Photo Insert Cards

Vintage Christmas cards from artist Donald McGill show raunchy festive scenes. The artist, known for postcards, designed them between 1904 and the 1960s.  Amorous couples embrace under the mistletoe and canoodle in dark corners. But others depict sexist scenes that wouldn’t be found on shop shelves today.

Merry kiss-mass: A couple embrace beneath the mistletoe on this card by Donald McGill 

McGill is best known for his cheeky seaside postcards but drew at least four different Christmas designs every year from 1904 onwards, with many full of bawdy humour, innuendo and terrible puns.

One too many: A tipsy man struggles to open the door on his way home from a festive gathering

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Christmas wish: An ‘old bachelor’ dressed in pajamas prays for a woman to come into his life

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