How to repair a document

It's easier than you might think

Does your collectable document have a rip or a tear the possibly devalues it or makes it appear unattractive for framing or display?

Document repair can sound like a daunting task but its really not as difficult as it may seem. We’ve put together a video to help guide you through this process.

Some of the tools used in this video can be found below.

Mending Tissue – 1″ x 35′

Acid-free Mending Tissue 1″ x 35 ft. Lineco brand. Quick, safe repair or stabilization of torn art, books, photos or documents. Strong, thin acid-free tissue coated with neutral pH self-stick adhesive. When applied, tape visibly disappears.

Bone Folder/ Burnishing Tool.

Burnishing Tool/ Burnishing Tool 5-1/2 x 3/4″. These genuine cattle bone folders are used for making creases or folds on tape and paper. Because they are made from real bone, they will not make the paper shiny when used.

LP Corner Repair Kit

Corner Repair Kit