High Resolution Audio from a Cassette?

is it worth the price?

Apparently Toshiba has announced a cassette player capable of producing high quality audio from cassettes. Who knew thing was even a thing. I’m not sure I’m willing to shell out money for a small difference in audio quality but there is a nostalgia about Cassettes that will always have a warm place in my heart.

Toshiba tape player promises high-res audio from cassettes

Back in 2016 we ran an April Fools news story on HD Cassette. High-res audio support and unchewable tape were just two of the features promised in our spoof story. But of course truth is often stranger than fiction, and it seems high-res audio cassette tapes are now a reality.

Audio Cassette Tapes – Blank

Normal bias Audio Cassette Tapes are a very clean normal bias tape. They are high-output, low-noise tapes suitable for voice or music. Recording recommendations: High speed voice or music duplication, mastering voice programs, general purpose use. Available in 60 minute or 90 minute lengths.