Glossary Term: Camera Obscura

Whether it’s painting, photography or our own eyes, Camera Obscura ties them all together. Originally camera obscura was used for more realistic drawings. Camera Obscura which translates to “dark room” utilizes a pinhole or lens to let a small amount of light into a darkened room or box. Now, just like our own two eyes, the image comes through the lens and reflects the outside in, but appearing upside down, but like our own eyes but we have the brain power to reverse what we are seeing.

Camera Obscura In the 19th century artists created camera obscuras in devices such as the Camera Lucida, a box  that artists could use to trace the image they want to create, which helps greatly with proportion and getting a scene accurate. Scientists looked for ways to affix this image for eternity, chasing to create what we now know as a photograph.

camera obscura

With the use of film, photo sensitive paper and developing chemicals, the camera obscura lead to the invention of the camera as we know it!

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