Are you in charge of gathering information, documents, photos, illustrations and other ephemera for your family tree?

Are you overwhelmed about how to organize everything, keep it safe but at your fingertips as well? We can help you with that! The first thing you should remember is that what you are dealing with is mostly older original documents made from various materials. These materials should be handled with care and stored in a fashion that keeps them from being handled unnecessarily or out in the open where spills, the elements and who knows what (children, cats, etc.) can cause damage to them. Keeping everything in acid-free products will also slow-down the deterioration of your documents until you are ready to put them in permanent storage.

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The first step is to store everything in archival file folders. We stock them letter sized and legal sized. They are acid-free, lignin-free and made of sturdy Perma-Dur paperboard stock.

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We stock and an archival file storage box that holds either letter or legal file folders. It comes with handle holes to make it easier to lift. These boxes are B-flute corrugated cardboard; it has a pH of 8.0-9.0 and also has a 3% calcium carbonate buffer that blocks migrating acids. The boxes ship flat and fold together.

If you need smaller boxes for temporary storage while you’re still sorting things out – we have acid-free flip-top boxes. They come in letter and legal size and have reinforced metal corners for added strength.

It’s a good idea to interleave some acid-free MicroChamber paper between your documents so that harmful acids can’t travel from one item to the other. We stock it several sizes. This paper contains molecular traps that remove and neutralize acids, pollutants, odors and even mold and mildew.