Your Old Christmas Cards Might Be Worth Serious Money!

Like most vintage items, they are worth some good money given they are still in good condition. But even still… holiday cards aren’t the first on our minds! Bags Unlimited encourages preservation materials for ALL of your ephemera, postcards or name it! This article from Good House Keeping tells you all about what your old holiday cards could be worth! Maybe those cards could pay for your holiday shopping this year…wishful thinking right?


“The market for Christmas collectibles is actually on the rise, according to Terry Kovel, co-author of the Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide. “All of the holidays have gotten more popular in collecting,” she tells “And the most popular one obviously is Christmas.” Vintage cards in good condition can fetch about $10 to $50 apiece, she says, but particularly valuable ones can shoot up into the three- or even four-figure range.

If you stumble upon a big box of holiday cards at an estate sale, flea market, or even your own attic, here’s what to look for in terms of finding the big bucks.”

full article here

Sleeves for Single A9 Cards

A9 Greeting Card Sleeve for Single Card & Envelope. 5-15/16 x 8-3/4″. 1.5 mil POLYPROPYLENE with Resealable flap. Reseal tape is located on the BODY of the bag.