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Record Store Day 2019

By Jack B. Stephens The 2019 Record Store Day event was held on April...

Path to Record Store Day: Part 2

In my last article, we discussed how Record Store Day originated as well as the differing thoughts and...

The Path to Record Store Day: Part 1

More articles by Jack B. Stephens Record Store Day began in 2008 and is an annual event held on a Saturday in April. In many...

Record Store Crawl 2018

On Saturday, June 23rd in Rochester, NY I went on a Record Store Crawl. I’ve been to bar crawls before, interesting in their own...

Record Store Day 2018 – It’s All About Community

Record Store Day comes but once per annum yet the online price gouging lasts all year and then some. I if want to get...

Which of these record stores did you shop at? What’s your best (worst) memory?

http://www.metv.com/lists/8-defunct-record-store-chains-you-will-never-shop-at-again/ Most of these stores went through the pain of transitioning from vinyl to cassette tapes to CDs - but like us many had to...

Elton John on Record Store Day: ‘Vinyl just sounds better’

http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-39484459 If you have tons of records and not that much space - use or stacking LP record file cabinets. (LP boxes sold separately). Click here  


https://303magazine.com/2017/03/record-store-day-twist-shout-denver/ Check with Bags Unlimited on record store day - we'll have our very own special sale on MANY record supplies. See you then! Click here  

Why Record Stores Are More Important Than Ever


Chaos is a record shop. For some stores, it works.

https://noisey.vice.com/en_ca/article/mggj7n/brian-lipsin-is-kingston-ontarios-anarchist-record-shop-owner This guy could use some of our record crates. https://www.bagsunlimited.com/product/7243/record-crate