A New Easy Way to Store Posters!

Bags Unlimited is committed to bringing you the best products for the longevity of your collectibles. Your large posters are not forgotten! Large toploaders can be your solution!

30 x 40″ Guardhouse Toploader
Holds British Quad Posters
Inside: 30-1/4 x 40″
Outside: 30-1/2 x 40-1/4″
Made from 12mil non-plasticized rigid vinyl.
Safe for long-term storage.

Toploader for 30 x 40″ Images.

30 x 40″ Guardhouse Toploader. Holds British Quad Posters. Inside: 30-1/4 x 40″; Outside: 30-1/2 x 40-1/4″ Made from 12 mil non-plasticized rigid vinyl.