These Tourism Posters for Ireland are Amazing!

Our friends over at Lonely Planet have a fantastic post covering some 20th century Irish Advertising Posters used to bring in more tourism.

Vintage tourism posters that depict romantic Ireland of the 20th Century have been released

A set of vintage Irish posters has been released online that depicts the romantic vision of Ireland that marketers were keen to promote throughout the 20th century. The National Museum of Ireland – Country Life has made available the collection of early travel and tourism posters used to sell Ireland abroad in the infancy of its tourism sector.

These posters depict a very romantic Ireland that makes it really hard to resist booking a flight to such a beautiful country. I imagine back then you’d be flying a prop job or taking an ocean voyage due to the fact jet propulsion was still in its infancy. For more on this exhibit visit The National Museum of Ireland’s page.

If you collect posters like we do we have some info for you on one of the ways to archive these incredible treasures. Head on over to our YouTube page for more.

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