‘Thumbs Up News’ Vol. 9 by Jay Katz

News that will blow your mind! Or at least make you want to read a comic book.

Welcome to this week’s thumb scrolling news. Each week, I post some random news articles I encounter throughout the week on my mobile device. I then come here and share some of the more interesting news from my feed. Mostly all comic book related of course!

Avengers: Infinity War

…..So this movie came out. Its breaking all kinds of crazy records. Ten years in the making and man alive was it worth the wait. Avengers: Infinity War was an instant classic. Have you seen it?

The comparison I immediately draw to as far as all-time movie villains go is Darth Vader. Darth Vader was the ultimate fanboy bad guy….for that era.

Warning, possible spoilers ahead…..

Darth Vader and Thanos (Image via CBR.com)

Thanos is this era’s new Darth Vader, but better. Better in the sense he’s ruthless, which makes him a total bad as* and someone fans can truly dislike with true disdain. Darth Vader was ruthless, but Lucas never took him to a level of pure disdain the way Thanos takes us today. Yes, in the later Star Wars films (parts 1,2,3), movie goers learned and witnessed the wraith of Anakin. One particular scene was the true essence of the Vader character, but never took it to a level of visuals (obviously) or a level of dialog to prolong the barbaric act of killing young children (Jedi’s).  While the character developed, we felt his pain, his anguish and his hatred. However, with this knowledge, we all know Vader does not allow Luke to die. Vader saves instead. Fast forward to 2018 and Thanos is throwing his daughter (Gamora) off of a cliff, killing her, in order to fulfill his prophecy. The ONE THING in ALL of the Universe and in his LIFE he loved (Gamora)…..tossed her off the cliff. With tears Thanos does this, but he did it. Vader, no he has a change of heart and GOOD beats evil (as usual). Thanos did not do this. This scene in Avengers: Infinity War is probably the most important scene in the entire film. It shows the absolute ruthlessness of a monster to slay his only love, his daughter, as he explains that he’s not to miss this opportunity to possess the soul gem and will not be denied. That’s a sick individual, but it works for the movie fan. They now understand Thanos will stop at nothing and we in turn hate him now. We hate Thanos, but we crave more. Just like Vader back in the day.

Everyone awaited Vader to grace the screen. Yes, it was nice to see Han and Luke and Chewy and Leia, but everyone anxiously waited to see and hear Vader. That was the draw. Vader was the reason people bought tickets to see those movies. Flying spaceships, things blowing up, laser gun fights, chase scenes were all fantastic, but give us Vader. Well, we’ve arrived to that same place many years later. Yes, Iron Man’s sarcasm, Star-Lord’s jealousy, Black Widow’s smile/body, Thor’s new Axe toy, Black Panther’s bad as* self, Cap’s fighting skills, Hulk smash, Loki’s deceptive ways……are all golden, but give fans platinum. Give us Thanos. Film’s most powerful villain ever. Not even close.

Move over Vader, Thanos got this now.

According to CNN Money, Avengers: Infinity War made a record $1 billion in 11 days. That’s an absurd amount of money and amount of people seeing this film.

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What will the second part bring? Here are a couple of theories;

Thanos has no use for the stones or gauntlet after he’s wiped out HALF of the human race, so he spreads out the stones throughout the universe. The original Avengers set out to get all of the stones, to reverse the damage Thanos has caused. I do not believe any of the original Avengers make it out alive on this mission. A sacrifice ensues and the ‘New Avengers’ are born.

Another theory is, just before Nick Fury turns to dust, we see lots of wind, helicopter crashing into a New York City building. Fury summons Captain Marvel. What if all of the chaos in New York City is NOT of Thanos’ doing? Remember Marvel bought Fox Studios not so long ago. What if that wind and chaos is caused by Galactis? With Silver Surfer in tow. Wow, this would blow fans minds

Here’s the thing, Marvel Studios cannot kill Thanos off for good. The Mad Titan needs to have some sort of role in future films. Remember, Darth Vader stuck around for three films. Thanos will only stick around for two? After the great accolades THE villain of the millennium has received, it would be a misstep for Marvel Studios to not go back to the well here. Give a three-year hiatus maybe, but bring him back after the sequel to Infinity War. No one grew tired of Vader and no one will grow tired of this madman.

Deadpool 2

Going to stick with the movie thing for a little bit more. Received a screener ticket to see Deadpool 2. It was a very good movie. Much different than the first in several ways. The pop culture references fly at a feverish pace, more so then the first movie (if that’s even possible). The action is plentiful with more dialog in this film. The dialog is necessary and a welcomed gift. Speaking of a gift, several gifts are waiting at the end of this film. The ‘extras’ are extraordinary. Better than the actual film if that’s possible…..which it is. It’s hard to speak of this film without giving any spoilers, so I’m gonna shut up and tell everyone to be sure to watch those extras. Truly that good.

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Now, for some Random News

Some random news, non comic book related seen on my phone while scrolling….

“I’m coming to get you”… again

Sylvester Stallone will fight the Mexican Cartel in Rambo 5. Yes you read that one right! Deadline.com is reporting that Sly is revising the Rambo role once again to kill the entire Mexican cartel. Okay….

Image result for Robin Williams

The New York Post tells the story of the battle Robin Williams fought before taking his own life. Struggling to remember lines and being torn apart about it. Sad read, but informative if you are a fan or even want to learn more about the distinct hardships people go through in order to mentally battle such a disease as Robin was. Either way, he’ll always be missed.

Warren Buffett admits he was wrong about the ‘achieved businesses’ of Google and Amazon. His speculative radar is off just a tad to say the least. It happens. CNBC reporting.

Speaking of billionaires, Elon Musk wants to start a candy company. No really, he does. Catch the story on cnn.com.

Matt Harvey

Once a upon a time, New York City had a REAL Dark Knight….and he pitched every 5th day. New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey (Dark Knight) has been traded, reported by espn.com. Matt was once the darling of New York, after a few injuries, he’s since fell out of favor of New York fans (because NY expects high performance, not mediocre). The Cincinnati Reds is now home for the Dark Knight. Good luck Mr. Harvey, it was great while it lasted.

CNN Money.com reports on Stormy Daniels making her Saturday Night Live debut during a skit with Alec Baldwin as Trump. Regardless of your political affiliation, this was funny.

According to deadline.com, Solo Star Wars advanced movie tickets are outpacing Black Panther. Here’s a NOT so bold prediction, Solo will not out gross the Black Panther movie by a large margin. Not because it’ll be a bad movie, because Black Panther will be a better movie.

Also from deadline.com, Latins biggest television studio; Univision, will begin their own subscription streaming service. This is tremendous news for the Latin based communities clamoring for this type of pay service. Univision, breaking the mold here. Awesome.

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Comic News!

Here’s some of the comic book news that’s crossed my phone screen….


There’s a silly app thingy going around that ask you to enter your name and social security number, wait wait, not your social security number. I kid I kid. Okay, so you enter your name and presto! You find out if Thanos has spared you or taken your life. Thewrap.com reports that Thanos’ creator Jim Starlin played along and the results were not good. The creator was killed. Thanos killed his maker, Jim Starlin. Thanos really is an a-hole isn’t he.

TechnoBuffalo.com breaks down all you need to know regarding Captain Marvel in the Marvel cinematic universe.

Avengers Infinity War made over $1 billion in just 11 days after its release. That really is incredible isn’t it? Mind boggling how good this movie is performing. Not that it wasn’t expected, but wow. Now….the Avengers have to get their crap together. The anticipation for part two is killing me already!

Luke, Jessica, Matt, Claire, And Colleen

Cinermablend.com says that the Russo Brothers (directors) actually considered having the Marvel Netflix characters join in the Infinity War movie. That would have been super if that could have happened. Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist (basically the Defenders). It would have ALL been JUST right if Thanos made Iron Fist turn to ash. The audience would have erupted probably.

michael-b-jordan-black-panther-sliceActor Michael B. Jordan (Black Panther) will star in another comic book related story. This time in a made for television movie; Failsafe.

James Gunn Hints at Guardians of the Galaxy 3 Release Date

Superherohype.com reports that Guardians of The Galaxy 3 will start filming next year. Does this mean….? Who know what’s going to happen in next year’s Infinity War part 2. Hopefully we get the original team back together. The best team to be assembled since the Star Wars team.

Spawn #286 variant covers

If you’re a Spawn fan, you’ve eagerly awaited some sort of news regarding a film in the works. Creator Todd McFarlane has dropped so many ‘ifs’ and ‘whens’ and ‘spectacular’ and ‘rated R’ hints that it’s become a bit tiresome. Fans want some meat. Reporting says that the Spawn role has been offered to Jamie Foxx. Yep, Academy award winning, comedian, Jamie Foxx. Sit on that for a bit.


Also reporting; the Gambit script is ‘great’ and that there are ongoing interviews regarding replacement directors for the film. There’s been about 3? Or 4? Directors that have come and gone. Too busy for a movie that’s never been cast or shot yet at all. Hoping all of the bad karma with this movie gets ironed out and we see this Cajun card throwing silly character in action. Come to think of it, this character really doesn’t warrant its own film, but who am I to judge?

Getty Images: Joe and Anthony Russo

Back to the Russo Bros., They’re thinking ahead, way ahead and they have actually teased or hinted at the fact that Marvel’s Secret Wars may be in play. Imagine that original 12 issue series coming to life. Would be epic. Would be ridiculously epic.

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X-Men Gold #30 will come ‘polybagged’ (It’s the 90’s all over again! Yippee!). This comic is super duper top secret, so expect the speculative nerds to be all over this one. Sell that thing for $40 a pop and in 2 months you won’t be able to give them away.

Mickey loves money

Marvel Comic will raise their prices on ‘some’ comic books in July. Boy Disney really is trying to kill the comic book market aren’t they? Crazy. Anyway, so Star Wars Darth Vader Annual #2, Star Wars #50, and Runaways #11 will now be $5.99 a pop. Ouch. The good thing is the expansion of pages, but $5.99 kicks in the gut a bit no matter how many pages.

Some ominous images were teased by Marvel with the headers ‘Death Wins’ and ‘Death Incarnate’. Thanks to cbr.com for proving images. The new Infinity Wars Prime is set for July release. The biggest question is, who is this caped character ‘Requiem’? Are they really friend or foe? Is it someone we already know? If so, who? Did they go ‘cosmic’ like Spider-Man did way back when? All these questions as Marvel cranks out the hype machine and fans eat it all up. Boy, they really know what they’re doing.

Comicbook.com shows us a bit more of the Titans series and the Hawk and Dove series. Go check that out.

DC Comics really really really dropped the ball on this one. Doomsday Clock was to be the series to end all series. Scott Snyder put out a whole synopsis video on how big Doomsday Clock was going to be and how it’s going to change the landscape of the DC Universe. Now delay after delay has killed the momentum and the confidence of the reader. Delays are the number one killer within the comic book industry. Any industry really, but when you’re READING a STORY and expecting it 30 days at a time and you’re start receiving it 60 or 90 days at a time, yea, that’ll kill the mood. DC, you dropped the ball, shame on you with this one.

Spider-Man gets a twist regarding his storyline in the free comic book day offering. Pick it up for free if you can (probably too late for that!), so buy the FREE comic on eBay for….NOT for FREE.

CBR.com shows off 20 Iron Man variant covers for Stark Iron Man #1. Why? Well because 20 variants are necessary in today’s market. 20 covers. Yes absurd, but I’m trying to be positive here. So, all 20 variants will consist of 20 different Iron Man suits. Some old, some new, some never seen. Okay, let’s move along, hard to bite the tongue on this one. Haha!

Hollywoodreporter.com says that G.I. Joe’s Snake Eyes will get his own movie. Heck yes!!

The Verge.com debuted the new Ant-Man & The Wasp trailer. That movie looks better this time around then it first did when the original trailer debuted. Each trailer makes you want to see this movie. How does Marvel do that??

And finally, Sebastian Stan thinks he’d make a very dark Captain America character in the cinematic universe. Dropping (obvious) subtle hints like this is not only predictable to say this will probably NOT happen now is almost a gimme. Besides that Infinity War movie…….yea that. Well, guess we really have to wait a WHOLE year to see how this all pans out.

Arghhhhh!! Not cool. But we’ll wait in front of the theater now.

Hot Picks!

Here’s SOME of the latest Trending Comics & More #527 highlights from Trending Pop Culture.com!

Mysteria is back in Scarlet Spider-Man #18. X-Man makes an appearance in Cable #157.

Almost every week a new number comic regarding the Hunt for Wolverine comes out, this week it’s Hunt For Wolverine: The Claws Of A Killer #1. A new Thor comic from writer Jason Aaron; The Gates Of Valhalla #1. X-Men Wedding Special #1 features a story from legend Chris Claremont.

Writer’s Scott Snyder and Aaron Gillespie bring a new DC Comics series this Wednesday; New Challengers #1. Art by Klaus Janson. Psst, Scott…….let’s finish up Doomsday Clock first. #JustSaying.

Lots of Indie comic titles are covered this week too.

And lots of Funko POP’s and other items are covered as well! Be sure to check out this week’s Trending Comics & More #527!

Thumbs up!

Carpe Diem,
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