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Bio: Jay Katz, a comic book collector since 1983 and is the owner/creator of InvestComics LLC since 2005. InvestComics LLC was originally a magazine in 2005 before the website launched in 2005. As of March, 29 2018, InvestComics is now TRENDING POP CULTURE. In addition, Jay has a new website named Fake Comic Book News.

Welcome to thumb scrolling news. I scroll through my mobile phone throughout the day, read a bunch of cool comic news items and then come here and talk about it! I’ll post some of the best comic news articles I encountered throughout the week on my mobile device.

It seems as though fans were waiting a long long time to see a glimpse of the Venom character from the new film and now we’re getting inundated with trailers and ‘special screenshot’s’ of him. Not too much of a bad thing, but after a while don’t you feel as though you’ve seen the whole movie before even seeing it? Comicbook.com had the latest trailer up on their site as well as another cool thing to report on.

According to comicbookmovie.com, Sony pictures has, at their disposal, approximately 900 Marvel characters to choose from at any given time to do what they wish with them. If you’re wondering how this is even possible, it’s quite simple. Back in the 1990’s during the swashbuckling years of the modern speculator and an over print style run on just about any ‘hot’ comic at the time, the market eventually crashed. What goes up, must come down, as the fabulous Ralph Kramden put so elegantly so many years ago. So Marvel was stuck in a quandary. All of these printed books and no one to buy. They headed towards bankruptcy…quick. Marvel had to sell of some assets to prevent from crashing altogether and going out of business. Spidey went to Sony, so did Black Cat, Venom…basically the entire Spider-Man catalog. Also, Ghost Rider motored on into Sony and so many others. Here’s the thing. Sony never released, nor will they (don’t think they would) their entire catalog of Marvel characters they own. So, the speculation on who they have can wage on, but nothing concrete from them until they announce a film. 900 characters is a lot to say the least. The whole secretive play here is extremely interesting nonetheless. This ALLL said, polygon.com reports on Sony announcing a large portion of planned Spider-Verse movies.

Cbr.com has announced that Stan Lee will no longer make public appearances and or do signings. This is all good for Stan. The man has done his service/tour as long as he could. At 95 years old, there comes a time you have to just chill a bit. Most say he’s gone on too long and some have even video taped Stan at very precarious moments. We bid farewell to Mr. Lee to ride into the sunset and live a happy life from here on out without the throngs of people trying to get a piece of him.

Tom Cruise is one of the most prolific Hollywood actors of this generation. Like him or not, he’s made an indelible mark within the confines of film history. Now comes the news from heroichollywood.com regarding the possibility of Tom playing Green Lantern. After posting the breaking news on the Trending Pop Culture Facebook page, 22 shares and 24 comments….were mostly negative. Sad really. Positivity and rejection are too much the norm today. Fans really need to give things a chance to play itself out.

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Sticking with the movie topic, gamespot.com reported that Ruby Rose is confirmed to play Batwoman in the new CW DC Arrow-verse shows. Once again, many fans were compelled to lay down the gauntlet as though there was no way this can ever work. Breathe people, breathe.

Circling back around, comicbook.com had a fun post regarding the use of the word ‘Symbiote’. The Venom cast and director settled the debate on how to pronounce Marvel Comics favorite Venom word that originated in the comics. How do you say it?

Geoff Johns says he will reinvent the Green Lantern mythos for the upcoming DC Comics film. If anyone could reinvent a Green Lantern story, AFTER practically reinventing the universe himself, is himself! Johns put Lantern back on the map years ago with extraordinary storytelling, luring Lantern fans, comic fans and non-Lantern fans into his vortex. Geoff will create a Green Lantern movie, with or without Tom Cruise, that’ll become a classic.

TheMarySue.com site broke some news on mobile that Marvel Comics will bring back the What If series. If you’re a comic book fan, these Marvel stories were always something to look forward to every month. Although some of the stories announced are not that appealing to THIS reader, I will give each issue a shot to compel me….which it probably will.

Newsarama says that Marvel will partner with IDW to release NEW Spider-Man, Avengers, Black Panther titles. Not too sure why’d they do this, but IDW is a great publisher, so…..we’ll all be there to check out the new comics.

Gamespot.com provides some words from Joaquin Phoenix regarding his role in the new Joker Origin film he’s starring in. Great read.

You believe in God? Do you not believe in God? Are you on L. Ron Hubbard’s team? Yea, yea, of course this isn’t the place to talk religion, politics or anything that’ll cause this column to implode, but what I can say is that DC has confirmed that Batman is an Atheist. That’s some interesting news right there. Read about this confirmation DC is sticking behind at Screenrant.com.

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If you’re a frequent visitor on your social media pages, you probably have noticed a number of comic creators posting pictures of themselves with Stan Lee at his home. Yes, this is the way it works now. Hasn’t anyone seen the Godfather movies? One visitor named Todd McFarlane showed off his visit picture with a big tease within a caption of a possible collaboration a couple of days later posting a picture of the both of them on a stage taking a selfie. Bleedingcool.com says that the tease is set to be revealed on 8/17/18 on Todd’s Instagram page….or wherever he so chooses.

Artist Gary Frank teases too! He teased a drawing showing a Superman – Doctor Manhattan confrontation within the pages of Doomsday Clock. Isn’t this what we’ve all have really waited for. Exciting stuff coming in this story.

Netflix has released a new Iron Fist season 2 trailer that features the villain Steel Serpent.

Despite backlash, according to theverge.com, Disney will not rehire James Gunn. And according to movieweb.com, Marvel Studios head man Kevin Feige sides with Disney on their decision.

Wrapping up this week with a quick look at this week’s Trending Comics & More #539 from Trending Pop Culture.

After finally learning who the mysterious new character Requiem is in the previous issue, onward we roll! From Mike Deadato Jr. and Gerry Duggan. Infinity Wars #2.

Hunt down a copy of the 2015’s Amazing Spider-Man #10 comic. It’s the first appearance of Spider-Punk. He’ll star in his own series this Wednesday; The Edge Of Spider-Geddon #1. If it trends well, so will the 2015 first appearance.
Weapon X #22 debuts the newest X team into the Marvel U; Weapon X Force. Creators Greg PakFred Van Lente and Yildiray Cinar.

Writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos will introduce a brand-new character in Pearl #1. This first appearance is a big deal for a couple of reasons. First, it’s the same creative team that brought to life the Jessica Jones character. Second, it’s the first major introduction of a DC character debuting in their own book from new DC writer Brian Michael Bendis. Look for this comic to trend quickly among your favorite stream.

The cover of Archie Meets Batman 66 #2 says it all. It looks as though Archie is Robin! A first here. Writer Jeff Parker and artist Dan Parent bringing it up a notch.

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There is MORE MORE to check out this week in Trending Comics & More #539.

Thumbs up!

Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz

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