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Welcome to thumb scrolling news. I scroll through my mobile phone throughout the day, read a bunch of cool comic news items and then come here and talk about it! I’ll post some of the best comic news articles I encountered throughout the week on my mobile device.

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It’s no secret Stan Lee has had his bit of drama over the past few months (or more). He had a lawsuit going against the former company POW! Entertainment. Well, now that lawsuit is no more. Stan dropped it. It’s gets more and more ‘perplexing’ as io9.gizmodo.com reports.

The latest Spider-Man actor, Tom Holland, really, really, really messed up a little while ago and inadvertently revealed the title of the next Spider-Man film. Psst…..it’s titled ‘Far From Home’. That said, Marvel Studios, it seems has been going into some sort of damage control and trying to make excuses if you will for the errant name drop. Now, according to ComicBook.com, Kevin Feige (Marvel Studio head) explains ‘why Tom Holland leaked the title’. Really? We need an explanation for Tom’s loose lips? Can’t we all just come to the conclusion, Mr. Holland messed up…that’s it. End of story. Right? Wrong. Read what Kevin Feige says about this ‘situation’.

Credit: CBR

Cbr.com answers the question; Why are comic publishers so afraid of married superheroes? That’s an interesting question, but in my humble opinion, maybe because the demo is mostly male dominant and they want to read mostly superhero stuff and not mushy stuff? Just a thought but read the article to get cbr’s point of view.

Comic characters getting married is not a rare thing by any stretch, but they do not always go as planned. Batman #50 was being touted as the wedding of the century in the comic book world. Batman marries Catwoman. What a great sell. And that’s JUST what it was, a SELL. Turns out the cat backed out and left the bat at the altar.

Credit: ign.com

Bruce sad. Fans angry. Well, since this is my platform, I can say that fans need to relax a bit. Understand that stories are what they are and are meant to SELL first and foremost. SELL the movie trailer, right? Not everything one sees will actually take place in the order in which it was received or perceived. The trailer is meant to SELL the product. Same with the comic book medium or ANY medium for that matter. SELL to make money. To create controversy, create a buzz, evoke an emotion. THIS SELLS, not someone sitting at an airport reading a comic and getting angry because Batman and Catwoman didn’t get married, even though their wedding picture and blissfulness is displayed on every single variant cover. Too bad you didn’t get your way. That’s the way business really works. DC is in the business entertainment world to sell comics, not in the fanboy run world where fans run the roost. Simply doesn’t work this way. Never has, never will. How about just enjoying a story instead of spending $40 on a brand new variant cover? Then when things do not work ‘your’ way, you get angry? Seriously? It’s foolish. Tell Stephen King how you want his story to go next time you read one of his books. It’s absurd, right? Same thing here. Writer Tom King has HIS vision and HIS story. That’s it.

The same will probably ring true for the new Superman title from writer Brian Michael Bendis.

Credit: Newsarama

There are many visions and stories to be told through different perspectives, all need to sit back and realize that everyone takes a different approach. It’s okay and should be embraced, not shunned.


Credit: Nerdist

Funko POP! is a hobby staple that’s been around quite a while now. Kicking butt each and every week, month and year. So what else can Funko POP! do to get to another level? How about….breakfast cereal?! Yes, this will happen. Read the full scoop (no pun intended) anywhere on the internet right now. Freddy Krueger, Cuphead & Mugman, Jason Voorhees and Freddy Funko’s top the list as the first cereals rolling out. Yum!


Credit: Screen Geek

Hollywood Reporter.com, delivers the news on a Morbius Spider-Man spinoff movie. Starring the Joker himself; Jared Leto. Once news got out on this one, Amazing Spider-Man #101 (1971) exploded in the aftermarket. That’s Morbius’ first appearance.

Credit: Bleeding Cool

BleedingCool first reported on a story that’s garnered a lot of attention as the word got out. Controversy has begun regarding DC’s willingness to deal directly with the conglomerate known Walmart. Comic owners are in a serious tizzy about this. A bit about both sides here. First, we all should understand the local comic shops side in the sense that Walmart will be getting money breaks and new stories from top shelf creators. Why shouldn’t DC or Diamond do this for the ‘little guy’? Well, this bring me to the ‘other’ side. Once again, it’s all about the coin. DC knows they’ll get an exclusive deal with Walmart and they know they’ll get paid too. DC likes money, just like any business would. The flip side to this though is this. DC distributes to Walmart and possibly reaches a NEW comic fan. That comic fan then finds a local comic shop to buy ‘more’ comics and buys some back issues…..hey it could happen. Cannot be a total pessimist about the new campaign DC has launched. Owners must realize the fact they are in FACT not going to change DC’s mind about their Walmart deal and look at the other side to this. Why not solicit in the parking lot regarding your comic shop on new comic day at Walmart? It’s only twice a month. Get off your butt’s and go get it. We all need to stop with the ‘world is ending’ stuff and start taking the initiative. Get yours. Get the FEW customers you think you will lose (which you won’t) and maybe gain new ones? It’s possible. You have to try! Business is business and DC wants to make their money, so it’s time to make yours too.

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Credit: BGR

BGR.com reports on how Disney decided on which Avengers to kill in Infinity War. Didn’t all of the original Avengers survive though?


Credit: CBR

The relaunch of the new Justice League series saw a few Jim Lee variants. Most notably is the Wonder Woman variant. Take a looksee at cbr.com.

According to i09.gizodo.com, Avengers 4 will have a wee-bit of a hard time with the marketing when it finally comes time. Read up and see what they’re talking about.


DC Comics cancels the Cyborg comic….again. IGN Entertainment on that one.

A lot of announcements are rumored to take place at this years San Diego Comic Con. Godzilla trailer is one of the top things fans await, but Man of Steel 2 could be on tap too. This according to MovieWeb.com. Hopefully Superman vs Godzilla will be announced too. Haha! That would be awesome, no?

Marvel is looking to expand their cinematic universe with the Eternals. Yes, the Jack Kirby Eternals. How amazing will that be? Pretty amazing to say the least. This reported by IGN.com.

Credit: Disney

Disney increases their offer to buy Fox. The X-Men, Silver Surfer, Fantastic Four, Deadpool and many more may finally make their way to Marvel Studios. Most everyone thought this was a wrap, but not so fast Batman! Wait….um Comcast.

Credit: CBR

Cbr.com saying that the Batman White Knight; Black Label will not be uncensored after all. Oh well. Still got a great story anyways!

When the new Marvel epic storyline hits; Infinity War, it’s going to include some crazy mash-ups. Mash-ups = $$$ if it’s done right, so Marvel is all in with this idea. Captain America – Doctor Strange? Hmmm…..okay.

Credit: Sciencefiction.com

In the department of DUH, Samuel L. Jackson says that Captain Marvel MIGHT be an important part of Avengers 4. Thanks Captain Obvious, I mean Fury. News.avclub.com all over this one.

Credit: Indiewire

A funny thing happened at indiewire.com. They reported what Marvel cinematic screenwriters think could be done to ‘fix’ the DC extended universe. Interesting right? Now go read what they said.

Credit: Twitter

Gal Gadot posted the first picture of her in her Wonder Woman costume on Twitter for the second movie. Absolutely stunning, gorgeous woman she is.


Credit: Everything Action

Io0.gizmodo.com states that Ben Affleck is out as Batman….again. How many times will this be rumored? He’s Batman, that’s it. When he’s not, he’s not.


"Avengers #7" preview
Credit: Marvel Comics

Newsarama reports that Avengers #7 will explore the original Ghost Rider’s secret origin. Soooo, how long before we all get the original Ghost Rider vs. Cosmic Ghost Rider? Just a matter of time.


Credit: Express

CNN Money states that Avengers Infinity War has topped over $2 billion. That’s a lot dough. The next one will probably make more.

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See what the DC staffers thought of the new Aquaman movie at Cinemablend.com. Betcha’ they ALL liked it!

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Wrapping up this week with a quick look at this week’s Trending Comics & More #534 from Trending Pop Culture.

Credit: Trending Pop Culture
Credit: Trending Pop Culture

It’s Amazing Spider-Man #1 vs. Superman #1 as top two characters in the top two comic companies go head to head with their own respective number one issues this coming Wednesday.


Credit: Trending Pop Culture

Old Man Logan #43 introduces Shadow Tracer.

Credit: Trending Pop Culture

New X-23 #1 series from creators Mariko Tamaki and Juan Cabal.

11 new indie titles are covered this week. Have to check those out, lots of great things coming from so many fantastic publishers.

There is MORE to check out this week in Trending Comics & More #534.

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