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Issue 1 Vol. 4 by Jay Katz
Before heading into this week’s post, I want to send my deepest thoughts to everyone in Parkland Florida; Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Being a resident of Florida, I can tell you that this state is shook up right now. As a parent of three children, I cannot fathom what those families are going through right now. Those brave teachers’ families as well. No matter your political stance or your beliefs in gun control, know that 17 family’s lives are now changed forever. Focus on that. Hug you kids, your wife, husband, brother, sister, mom, dad, aunt, uncle, grandparents. Appreciate and value them. This tragedy should really humble everyone a bit. Be kind, listen to one another. Be grateful.

Welcome to this week’s thumb scrolling news

Where every week this post contains some random news articles I encounter throughout the week on my mobile device. I then come here and share some of the more interesting news from my feed. All comic book related of course!

…But I’ll always give you a quick rundown of the “boring news” I came across first. Just to annoy everyone. Haha! Just kidding! But here goes anyway!

Credit: Kylie Jenner/Youtube; Kylie Jenner/Snapchat

Kylie Jenner fans will have to go elsewhere to check out her post. Looks as though she may be getting ready to drop Snapchat from her daily, busy life.Justin Theroux split with Jennifer Aniston. So you’re saying there’s a chance. Haha! Anyway, Justin canceled his Late Show visit because he’s probably too distraught. Oh well, buck up partner, it happens.


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Did anyone happen to catch this year’s NBA All-Star game? It was interesting with the new format, but it wasn’t THAT particular difference that made the world abuzz. It was Fergie and her rendition of her National Anthem performance. Wow. She went in full damage control mode and immediately apologized after the game. Okay apology accepted! Moving on.

Anyone remember Pee Wee Herman (Paul Reubens)? Or am I showing my age…..again?! Ah! I have to stop doing that. Haha! So MegaCon Orlando announced that they’ll have him as a guest. Pee Wee Herman!

Anyone remember Flavor Flav? I did it again didn’t I? Man, this is bad. He was the second in command to Chuck D in the Rap super group Public Enemy. That group was fun back in the day, but video surfaced of Flavor Flav getting beat up by some dude in Las Vegas. Yikes!


The Star Wars franchise was in the news a couple of times this week. First, from Indiewire.com, director J.J. Abrams says ‘fans who didn’t like ‘Last Jedi’ are threatened by women’. That’s a pretty bold accusation, no? Not saying he’s wrong or right, but that’s a serious thought there. How do you feel about this? Personally, I thought Last Jedi was a ‘good’ movie, not great or fantastic, but good. And I love Rey as a strong female lead. Doesn’t hurt that she’s super cute too. Yeah, guy thing to say, but it’s true!


From Varierty.com, also Star Wars news, actor Mark Hamill will be receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Although receiving a star is supposed to be a prestigious thing, I believe one has to PAY to get their star there. I thought I heard this years ago.

Many people are under the impression that Hollywood “offers up” the star as part of an honorary deal, but contrary to belief, it’s simply not that way. Again, I could be completely off here (too lazy to check Google right now). Either way though, it’s kind of neat that people will be able to step on Mark Hamill. Well, his name at least. So how many Storm Troopers, Darth Vader’s, Han Solo’s, Yoda’s, Chewbacca’s will kneel down on that sidewalk and take a picture with the star on the sidewalk? Out of all of those people, every single one of them will utter the words “May The Force Be With You.” OR “Luke, I am your father.” This is an almost guarantee. It has to be, right?

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On to Comic News!

Now let’s see what arrived on the phone regarding some superhero stuff.

Who likes list? Like list that are fun, but completely meaningless. List that can spark a huge debate amongst your closest friends or family members. Well, MSN.com compiled their 30 Best Superhero Movies of all time. You know this list will cause some fanboy to have a stroke somewhere along the line, but they’ll read it anyway just to complain about it. The list is descent with Spider-Man 2 (2014) right smack dab in the middle of the 30 list at number fifteen. Surpassing films such as Robocop, Kick-Ass, Superman (1978) Deadpool and others. Deadpool? Really? Um, okay. Want to know what their number one spot was? Spoiler alert coming up in 3………2………..1 Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight (2008). Do you think this is correct? Take a look at the whole list with some nerd or fanboy friend and watch them have a meltdown when they see Big Hero 6 ahead of Deadpool. Oh the horror! Nooooo!

Anyone see Black Panther yet? I haven’t so don’t spoil it for me! Although headed towards a big predicted opening on Friday according to many sources, Forbes.com reported that Black Panther ‘fatigues’ to record $76 million on Friday. So sad it ONLY made $76 million. Broke a record and it was STILL disappointing because the “experts” thought it would make more. Yeesh, is anyone ever happy?? Seriously dudes, relax already with the silly expectations and maybe you won’t feel so ‘let down’. Absurd isn’t it? Imagine they didn’t have to do ‘projections’ and made the money they made? They’d be ecstatic, but instead are a bit reserved over not meeting that “expected number”. Wow, that is such a buzzkill right? The movie will keep you out of the red, so it’s a win. Studios or whomever do these projection numbers need to calculate better so everyone won’t be let down, when in actuality it’s a win all around.

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Batmannews.com has the first look at the villain Brainiac; actor Blake Ritson, from the new Krypton show. The new SyFy show will premiere on March 21st at 10pm ET/PT. That’s a late start on the east coast. What’s up with that? So, Brainiac…..gotta say, looks bad as*. Liking the makeup and the whole look. Great job here. I say SyFy has a hit with this series. It will be very well received. Starting off slow and gaining momentum as word gets out that this series is in fact the real deal. I could be wrong too, been wrong lots of times…..but not this time! I hope.

Brainiac first appeared in Action Comics #242 (1958). A graded 2.5 recently sold (on Valentine’s day) for $750. That’s a poor grade with a high price tag. (Search Ebay)

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As reported by cbr.com, Doomsday Clock will get the action figure treatment. Too bad the comic series has been delayed, but toys are on the way! Not a good selling point when the comic these figures are based on is delayed and off schedule. I believe they are going bi-monthly after issue 4(?). Bi-monthly and they want fans to remember to buy the action figures? Fans’ attention span will wane a bit because of the long delays in-between books, so good luck trying to get those figures off and running.


Credit: DC Comics

DC is canceling two titles fans thought shared more interest NOT to be canceled. Supergirl and Super Sons. Remember when Super Sons was the hottest thing ever? What happened?? Maybe DC will do the relaunch thing like they always seem to do. Well not just them….speaking of which….

Marvel Comics will do a line-wide overhaul according to cbr.com. (insert sarcasm here) This will be a mega event changing deal for Marvel!!! Why are they doing ANOTHER overhaul is beyond me. This is how many in the past 10 years? My best guess is that Marvel is really trying to get back to basics after a few trips in the pavement. Got to get up and dust off, get back at it. But the getting back to basics seems like the main theme here. They’ll be alright. Fanboys and nerds alike will moan their way through the internet forums (do they still have those?) and they’ll make their social media rounds as well, but in the end….in the end……they always come back. Always.

First it was Wolverine coming back from the dead, now it’s the Hulk reemerging from the doldrums of fake comic book death. Ign.com announcing that Hulk will make his big comeback in Avengers #684 in March. Fans await with bated breath. Hulk smash!

Dan Slott will be ending his Spider-Man run with Amazing Spider-Man #800. He’s leaving us with a very hot storyline right now that’s slowly, painfully, methodically introducing the newest member of the Spidey rogue gallery, Red Goblin. A nice look back at Dan Slott’s ten year Spidey run on cbr.com.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images
Stan and Joan Lee

The iconic Stan Lee has been in the news as of late for the wrong reasons. First it was the passing of his wife Joan (married 70 years) in July of 2017, then the health scare which sent Stan to the hospital, next were the alleged allegations of sexual assault on nurses within the Lee compound, and reported from DailyMail.com, as of last week, law enforcement were called to the Lee home as his former care taker / body guard refused to leave his premises. Who knows what stories are accurate, but at 95 years old, Stan Lee should be chilling in Florida somewhere. Or Cali, where he’s out now.

Newsarama.com has reported that Image Comics has announced 20 new titles at the Image Comics Expo. This is fantastic news for comic collectors. You can see the entire list at Newsarama, but here are some of the highlights;

  • Oblivion Song is a new series from Lorenzo De Felici and Robert Kirkman. Since Kirkman’s Invincible series has ended, he has time for a new project!
  • Todd McFarlane announced five new projects himself. Medieval Spawn and Witchblade will do a crossover and then star in a team up comic. Spawn Kills Everyone 2. The new character introduced in Spawn will be getting her own ongoing series; Misery. Sam And Twitch, an eight part series.
  • Leviathan from John Layman, Nick Pitarra & Mike Garland.
  • Dead Rabbit, new ongoing series from Gerry Duggan and John McCrea.
  • Rob Liefeld’s Bloodstrike. Michel Fiffe will write, draw and color this three issue mini.

#515 Hot Picks!

Wrapping up this week with a quick rundown of the InvestComics #515 Hot Picks, featuring new release  comics from February 21, 2018. Amazing Spider-Man #796 continues the crazy hot ‘Red Goblin’ storyline. Although Red Goblin has yet to appear in FULL ‘Red Goblin’. Just leading up with teases of Norman Osborn messing with the alien symboite. Black Panther and Doctor Strange both had number one issues arrive. Batman had two debut comics and five Batman books altogether. Hit-Girl from the Kick-Ass comics debut her own solo ongoing title. Pumpkinhead #1 from Dynamite Entertainment most likely sold out by the time you read this. And there is so much more in the article, be sure to check it out!

See you next week as I continue to use these thumbs to get you some news you may have missed or have an opinion on.

Thumbs up!

Invest wisely. Read comics.

Carpe Diem.

-Jay Katz

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