Magazine Display: Short Term vs Indefinite

Magazines are ephemeral. The topics and articles in them are in the public eye but are often soon forgotten. They are usually monthly publications and dispensed of in anticipation of the new one coming to the newsstand soon. However, some topics impact society more than others and some are quite personal to the reader. People often hang on to these particular magazines and might even want to keep them in a place where they can see the cover or refer to the article that piqued their interest enough to keep it out of the recycling bin. Displaying these magazines in a toploader or archival frame keeps them from getting buried or worse yet, getting torn or having something spilled on them.

Magazine Display

Magazine Top Loader


Archival Magazine Frame

  • Displays one standard-sized magazine
  • Frame available in black aluminum, ¾” or 1-3/4” black wood
  • 100% archival materials
  • UV blocking crystal-clear polystyrene frame front
  • Hanging hardware
  • Indefinite display