THIS and THAT: Comics

To display or not to Display, that is the question.

Displaying your favorite Comic is one thing. Finding your favorite Comic is a whole other thing. We prefer both. For today’s ‘This vs That’ we’ll cover both displaying your comics, and sorting your comics.

Why display? Because they are awesome. Come on, comic art is the whole reason we love comics. In addition to a good story of course. So how can I display, read, and sort my comics all at the same time? Here’s how….

If we’re going to re-read a comic series from our collection first we’ll go to our Long Comic storage box, in today’s case the one labeled Marvel, and pull everything from a series we want to enjoy. Once we’ve curated our series we put them into a Binder as a kind of “what we’re reading now”. This keeps them in order, protected, but yet easily available. So when friends come over and flip the pages they won’t ruin the comic covers with their greasy pizza fingers. Leaving them unprotected in a stack on the coffee table is one sure way to mess up your collection. Pizza and ‘Comic Meetups’ go great together, but only after friends wash their hands, which is why I store and transport my ‘what i’m reading now’ comics in 3 ring binder sleeves.

SUPER 3-Ring Binder available in Black, Maroon, or Blue

Now that I have my series to read, what on earth do I do with the one I’m in the middle of reading? I could put it back in the binder, but why? I found that if I put it away I wont read it. I need the comic out, on display, and easily available. That also eliminates the question of ‘which one did I read last’?

This is why I decided to use the Ultra-PRO® Comic Book Toploader. I can see the beautiful cover art, and it’s protected from my girlfriends friends wet soda cans if its left lying on the coffee table. Nothing gets through the 16 gauge vinyl toploader. Well, unless of course someone spills something all over it when its lying down. But thats why its best on the wall, or on the end table out of harm’s way. When I get home from a hard day, seeing it on display reminds me to relax and get absorbed into a good story. After all, isn’t this why we love comics? Exactly.



  • 16 Gauge Rigid Vinyl
  • Crystal Clear
  • Top Loading
  • 7–1/8” X 10-3/4” x 1/8”
  • Perfect for display
  • Short-term storage

Toploaders are also great on the wall, or on a stand making your comic available, but protected.


  • 8 Gauge Polypropylene
  • Archival Quality
  • Resealable Opening
  • 7-1/4” x 10-3/8” Pocket
  • Fits Most Binders
  • Perfect for long-term storage

Binder pages are great for keeping them protected and organized for reading when you want to curate a collection.


-Cheers, happy reading.