Record Protection: 3 Steps to Success

Protect your records

THIS, THAT, and the other THING

Do you have valuable or valued records that need special protection, but they have no jackets or sleeves?

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THIS: LP Record Paper Sleeves Product Code S12P. These regular weight acid-free paper sleeves come with an acid-free polypropylene lining. They are a high-quality choice to replace missing or old paper sleeves.


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THAT: LP Record Binder Product Code AB3RLP. This binder comes with 20 three mil acid-free Polypropylene sleeves. The binder has 2” D rings that allow the pages to flip easily and lay flat when viewing.

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THE OTHER THING: LP Record Binder Box Product Code: XLPBIND. Use this archival two piece box to store your filled LP Binder.  It is lined inside and out with acid-free paper. A brass ID holder with insert is on the outside of the box to keep your collection organized.