The BEST Way to Store Those Cards!

To keep your cards in pristine condition, it’s best to start with the boxes. Once you have your cards snug in the box- often there might be some space to grow your collection. When dealing with this your best option is to include a spacer. These maintain your cards by helping with any sag that could have happened from improper storage.

Made from E-Flute Blue Corrugated Cardboard. This acid-free, lignin-free material has a pH 0f 8.0-9.0 with a 3% calcium carbonate buffer. Fold spacer on scores to decrease size as box fills with cards.


Archival Box Spacer for Trading Cards

ALPHACELL® Trading Card Box Spacer Museum-grade archival. 19-1/8 x 2-3/4″. Fold on scores as boxes fill.