New VHS Protection!

New VHS Crystal-Clear BoxPro® Box Protectors

VHS tapes aren’t being made anymore, this creates the need for preserving these pieces of history. Bags Unlimited carries what you need to keep your collection safe and in the perfect condition. Check out our products that keep your retro classics ready for viewing. 

*NEW* Exclusively from Bags Unlimited

BOXPRO®  Crystal-Clear VHS Slip Case Box Protector

  • 4-3/16 x 7-9/16 x 1-1/8″
  • This six-sided box has a tuck top and a reverse tuck bottom.
  • Made from 12 mil archival APET (Polyester) material.
  • Semi-rigid.
  • Boxes come with a removable protective film to prevent scratches.

Please measure the size of your tapes before ordering.

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6-sided VHS Box Protector

Use our VHS BOX PROTECTORS to keep dust, dirt, and other air pollutants from deteriorating your VHS tapes. These 6-sided cases are made from crystal-clear APET material (Polyester) and have a tuck top and a reverse tuck bottom.