Do you need to clean a brand new record from the factory before playing it?

I almost readily answered this question with a resounding yes! Then I decided to do a little more research as I wanted to get a few opinions from other people. I found this forum that addressed the question somewhat but was more about cleaning off a release compound that is allegedly on factory records. The compound is used to release the vinyl from the metal stamper and supposedly leaves a residue on the record.

After reading the thread, I didn’t get an exact answer to the residue theory  – it was more like opinions and “he said; she said” The reality is that when you open a factory record, there is the possibility that dust from the factory and the packaging might need a quick wipe off. After all vinyl is statically charged and readily attracts dust. For that purpose, you can use our record cleaning cloth. It’s a soft cloth with an anti-static solution that will ease your mind about dust particles from the factory!