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BU: So, Bill, how did you get your start in record collecting?

BY: Most of my life I have been collecting records; Well, since I was about 12 years old.  I am now 58 years young.

BU: What was the first record your ever bought?

BY: I will never forget it. The first record I ever bought was “Let It Bleed” from the Rolling Stones.

BU: What was so special about that album?

BY: Oh, it was RAW, dirty and well, it was the STONES!

BU: haha. I get it. We are not allowed to bring “forbidden” music in the house, so that album wouldn’t have had a chance, but yes, the Stones were becoming well known for the “dirty little” nuances they added to their album covers. I suppose that was a genius marketing ploy on their part.

BY: Well after that purchase, I went back to buy all the previous records of theirs, so yes, I guess so!

BU: OK, so I know you retired a while back. I suppose that gave you lots of time to invest in your record collecting and on the Michigan Record Club?

BY: Absolutely. As I was doing all this collecting, I thought to myself how much fun it would be fun to start a record club! I mean, I guess I was bringing back to life what had made me so happy when I was younger. And if it was making ME happy, it surely had to make others happy!

BU: Did you have any idea at this time how you would do that?

BY:  Well, Facebook seem an excellent format to get started, so I got online and so began the Michigan Record Club.

BU: Did Facebook prove to be a good medium for you to get the word out?

BY: It started out as a site for others to show off their record collection but it soon turned into so much more.

BU: How so?

BY: Well, I first used the site to promote the local indie record stores, then to promote record shows in the state and finally we were promoting local musicians.   I became deeply involved with promoting the local record show (The Bay City Record Convention).  As of today, we have over 900 members to the club.

BU: Wow, that seems like it took off like a Johnny Rocket!  😀

BY: *laughs, well, yes. So, I guess Facebook was fairly useful!

BU: Did this surprise you?

BY: I’m surprised that the hobby of collecting records has become more popular every year since the club started.  But I’m beginning to understand why collecting records is growing.

BU: Why do you think that is?

BY: Music has evolved from records, to tapes, to CD’s and then to on-line digital formats.  When people love a certain album, they miss that physical connection to it… The large album cover and the warm sound of the vinyl; nothing but records can bring that feeling back.  That’s why our club is strictly vinyl.

BU: So, you don’t have a focus on other medias such as tapes or CD’s?

BY: No. Collecting and preserving records is our passion. AND it is a priority to make sure they are all in sleeves from Bags Unlimited.

BU: I am very glad to hear that! I do know it’s critical for preserving records.

BU: So, if I am getting this right, this is all about record love?

BY: Yes! The club was started and is still maintained for one reason….to share a love. I am fairly rigid in that. The club was started to share a love, and I intend to see that it stays that way, although everyone is pretty good about keeping the integrity of that going.

BU: I have to say it’s very refreshing! I love the idea. I hope to see it continue for a long time to come, although I am pretty sure you have that covered!

BU: We have invited the other members to speak with us, so stay tuned to hear more about RECORD LOVE and Michigan Record Club!

Picture where I was on a panel that answered questions about the Michigan Record Club and about the hobby of collecting vinyl records.

Bill Young
BIO: Administrator of Michigan Record Club, and promotor of Bay City Record Conventions