We just love this recent article by the New York Times titled ‘Postcard People’. It shows us just how diverse collectors and the collecting world truly are. Collectors collect items for many reasons whether it be for financial reasons, or sentimental ones. Either way collecting is fun anyway you look at it. The people of the Metropolitan Postcard Club of NYC are just as diverse as their collections. If you love Postcards as much as we do you should visit the New York Times to get a glimpse inside the world of Postcard collecting in one of the world’s largest and culturally diverse cities on the planet.

Postcard People

Across the room, another dealer, Ira Rubin, showed a collector a stack of Halloween cards. “Halloween is very, very rare,” he explained. “It’s the most popular of all the holidays, so it is the most sought-after.” While the panda card cost less than $5, a vintage linen Halloween card could go for $20 or more.

We recently dug into our own archives to share some from our personal collection and you can see more of it here:

Vintage Postcard Collecting

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