Kodak relaunches Ektachrome film!

Written by Trevor Mogg

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Film photography lovers uniting over Bags Unlimited, we carry products to keep your 35mm film safe, and we have a passion for it. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a dedicated film photographer, anyone can agree that bringing back this film is good news for photo lovers anywhere.

When Kodak announced they were halting production 6 years ago on Ektachrome film, the photo community was shook. This film that was developed in the 40’s captures beautiful tones, rich blues, gorgeous yellows, all around a juicy photo experience. It seemed 6 years ago that this would be the right business decision for Kodak, but now in 2018 film use is on the rise and photographers longed for that vintage feel in their images. Photographers everywhere are rejoicing at the good news! This article from Digital Trends goes into detail.

Kodak’s Relaunches Its Ektachrome 100 Film After a Six-year Absence | Digital Trends

After a six-year absence, Kodak has relaunched its Ektachrome 100 film for photographers and filmmakers. The company stopped making the color transparency film in 2012 citing falling sales amid growing pressure from the digital camera market, but has brought it back following growing calls from film photographers.

Five years after taking it off the shelves, the company believes there’s enough demand for the 35mm color transparency film to give it a second go, a move that looks set to delight long-time film fans in the business of taking stills as well as moving pictures.

Capturing Images: How It All Works

Ektachrome is noted for its clean, vibrant colors, and fine grain, with its unique look likely to make it once again a popular choice among film photography shooters engaged in product, landscape, nature, and fashion photography.

While the Ektachrome 100 stills film is available now (in rolls of 36 frames), Kodak Ektachrome 7294 Color Reversal Film in the Super 8 format is coming next week on October 1, while a 16mm version will arrive “later this year.”

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